LG RC8015



LG RC8015


Key Features

  • B Class energy efficiency rating
  • 8kg drum capacity
  • Sensor drying
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £569.00

LG RC8015

Compared to older models of tumble dryers, the LG RC8015 is gorgeous. In fact it looks more like a modern washing machine than it does a tumble dryer. It has the capabilities to match up to its modern looks, too, as the LG RC8015 is packed with features that make it a really good dryer.

A condenser dryer with an energy efficiency of B, whilst the LG RC8015’s energy efficiency might not be as good as models with an A rating, it still means you won’t be guzzling the electricity when you’re drying your clothes. Considering the LG RC8015 has an impressive 8kg drum capacity, too, this is actually fairly reasonable.

Freestanding and front loading, the LG RC8015 uses sensor drying. This means that you don’t have to set a certain time for your washing and then keep popping back to see how it’s doing as the LG RC8015 can tell when the clothes are dry and will stop working — fairly handy. You do end up having to have long cycle times this way, though. This sensor drying also makes sure the temperature of the machine is right for the load, so you won’t end up with shrunken clothes.

As well as sensor drying, the LG RC8015 has a good range of drying programmes and temperature controls. With more basic models it’s a gamble putting more delicate fabrics into dry, but you don’t get that with the LG RC8015 as you can always set it to dry properly. What’s more extra, useful features such as a child lock and an energy saving mode are also incorporated.

Inside the LG RC8015 there is a rack for drying trainers, which doesn’t help the dryer overall but is still useful to have. It’s really quiet when it’s running and as it’s a condenser dryer it does dry clothes exceptionally well. Whilst it’s expensive, the LG RC8015 is worth the money as it simply performs very well.