LG Optimus 3D specs

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis


Key Features

  • 4.3inch screen
  • 5.0 megapixel stereoscopic camera
  • Arm A9 dual core 1Ghz processor
  • 512MB Ram
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £449.99
Quick Glance
Screen Size (inches) 4.3
Operating System Android OS
Operating System Android OS
Height 128
Width 68
Depth 11.9
Screen Size (inches) 4.3


July 27, 2011, 5:59 pm

Great review. I have bought the phone and as you say the main issue with this phone (or maybe should be called a mini PC :-) is the battery life. I heard though that LG will try to fix this issue in new firmware updates. I read in forums that maybe a background application dry the battery anormally. Apart from that I'd like to correct your statement about the app drawer. You say "The app drawer has also been split into three parts with 3D apps at the top, the bundled apps in the middle and apps you've downloaded listed at the bottom. It looks neat and tidy, but it's not the best way of organising apps, especially as you can't create new categories yourself." Well that's not true...you can create the category you want at any time just pressing the contextual menu button. Apart from that, totally agree with you. This phone is for geemick lovers who dont really care about the size but care about the "cool" factor and performance... The optimus 3D is huge but you will forget about that fact as soon as you browse the internet and type text so comfortably... is almost like typing over a netbook.


October 8, 2011, 3:13 pm

i have a few problems with this phone as you say the battery life is realy bad and the phone does not update the updates automaticlly even when you click on auto you have to go to your apps and do it by hand. the phone is not the lightest but over all it is still a fantastic phone enjoy.

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