LG NB3530A Deals

By Danny Phillips



November 20, 2013, 5:13 pm

I have been looking for a soundbar for a while and after a visit to Currys decided to go for the LG NB3530A. Had a listen to a few in the store and the sound blew me away. I was not to bothered about hdmi ports due to my sky box & tv having optical outputs, the soundbar has 2. The sound is out of this world and my family are enjoying listening to music & watching films. If you are looking for a decent mid range soundbar you really can't go wrong with the LG NB3520A.


November 29, 2014, 1:49 am

Sound quality is something I'm not crazy about, as long as it sounds good I'm happy. For bluetooth this thing really kicks ass.

Desmond Cronin

February 4, 2015, 12:07 am

If you own a LG TV this is an awesome buy. You can either connect wirelessly or with an optical cable and the TV recognizes it. It will then bypass the TV speakers automatically and when you change the volume on the TV it shows a little icon of a soundbar on the on-screen volume and sends it directly to the soundbar. No reprogramming universal remotes!

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