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The LG GW520 accomplishes what it sets out to; it's a low cost 3G handset with a touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. However, the lack of Wi-Fi and headphone socket, plus the sluggishness of the OS and touchscreen all combine to leave us rather nonplussed.

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September 21, 2009, 4:40 pm

OMG look at the size - thickness


September 21, 2009, 5:06 pm

@xbrumster - thankfully we have context for your comment!


October 3, 2009, 8:35 pm

It's an very good phone because it has sliding mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard like its predecessor. Affordable Equipment, midrange, touch screen.With its characteristics, this mobile phone targets a rather young audience optimized for e-mails and SMS. Rather square shape, barely thinner than its predecessor (1.59 cm against 1.68 cm), this new mobile offers nothing very original in design, or leaves a somewhat negative impression. The plastic shell while there is probably something, especially the smooth part, not pearl, which forms a wide margin around the screen. The finishes are quite correct. You can get more nformation form http://www.techarena.in/rev...

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