LG F1480YD



LG F1480YD


Key Features

  • 8kg drum capacity
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Six wash motions
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £629.00

LG F1480YD

Although many people looking to buy a washer-dryer combo are caught out by a lack of an external venting source, this isn’t the case with the LG F1480YD. Perfect for small spaces thanks to its compact size, the washer and dryer in one does not require an external venting source.

It might be small, but, in this case at least, size is no indication of power or capacity with the LG F1480YD featuring a brilliant 8kg drum, an offering that is bigger than many other machines on the market. With the 8kg drum you can easily wash double duvets, and it has no problem coping with the washing of a big family.

The drum isn’t just big, though. It’s also able to perform incredibly well, not just because it washes well but because of how it washes. Capable of six different motions, the LG F1480YD’s standard tumble system is joined by a rolling wash that is kinder to clothes, an intensive figure-of-eight scrub, a stepping wrinkle care motion, a spinning wash that gets clothes soaked more easily and a swing for delicate clothes. On top of all this, the machine boasts an A-grade washing rating.

Despite this plethora of motion types, the LG’s drum isn’t noisy thanks to the company’s Direct Drive motor, where a specially formulated motor is attached directly to the drum to make a more long-lasting machine that is incredibly quiet.

Unsurprisingly with all these different motions, the LG F1480YD does take a long time to wash clothes. It also suffers from the same problem that most tumble dryers in washer-dryers suffer from — namely that the dryer isn’t very good. However, it’s nowhere near as bad as the dryers in most other washer-dryers, so if you’re set on having a washer-dryer then this might just be the one to go for.

The LG F1480YD looks lovely and performs well. Although it’s expensive, it works hard and makes itself worth that price.