LG F1256QD



LG F1256QD


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • 7kg drum capacity
  • A spin efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £350.00

LG F1256QD

The LG F1256QD features LG’s Direct Drive technology. Direct Drive combines a motor, belt and pulley to make a long-lasting washing machine motor. This motor is attached directly to the drum, making it much less noisy than traditional systems. The LG F1256QD produces a mere 54 decibels, which is extremely quiet.

Direct Drive also reduces vibration and energy usage, helping contribute to the LG F1256QD’s A grade energy efficiency rating, that will help keep your electricity bills as low as possible. The LG F1256QD continues to save you money with its A spin efficiency rating, helping dry the clothes within the machine so that they need less time in the tumble dryer.

So the LG F1256QD will save you money on your electricity, but what are its washing skills like? The answer is very good. It boasts a load sensor that will scan the load and make sure it’s using the perfect amount of water to wash it. When the wash is in progress, the intelligent washing system will then make sure the machine is washing your clothes as well as it possibly can.

There are several different cycles, and each cycle lets you adjust the spin speed and water temperature. Dry clean and hand-wash only clothes can be cleaned safely using the LG F1256QD’s hand-wash/wool cycle. For extra stubborn stains that other machines can’t be trusted to remove and benefiting those with sensitive skin, the Medic Cycle will do an extra wash at 40°C to wash away all traces of detergent.

The 7kg capacity drum can be filled with fairly large loads of clothes, but considering the load size, the maximum speed of 1200 revolutions per minute is quite slow. The machine also rattles slightly when the machine is working on full speed, and if you have a suspended wood floor there is a risk that the LG F1256QD will vibrate and move across it.

With handy features such as a start delay, a good range of wash cycles and good technology, the LG F1256QD is definitely a machine to consider.