LG F1222TD5



LG F1222TD5


Key Features

  • 8kg drum capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • 13 different wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £326.00

LG F1222TD5

Sleek and shiny, the LG F1222TD5 wouldn’t look out of place in the modern kitchen of any gadget-crazy person. Don’t let its chic looks make you think it’s all style and no substance, however, as the LG F1222TD5 is capable of some seriously heavy-duty washing and has some features that are particularly useful to those with families.

For starters, it’s got an 8kg wash capacity that makes it more than capable of dealing with a large wash of family clothes. On top of this, the Medic Rinse will give your washing an extra 40 degree wash right at the end of the cycle to get rid of any detergent that might irritate a young child’s skin. It’s also got a child lock.

The 13 available programmes include options such as Baby Care and Bed Cover alongside the usual collection of delicate, handwash and wool. You can also set the LG F1222TD5 to prewash clothes, delay the start time of the wash and wash the clothes to minimise creases. These settings are easily selected from the bright LED control panel.

You won’t have to spend ages fiddling with the washing settings to get a decent clean, though. The intelligent washing system will detect exactly how much water is needed to clean each individual load, monitor the cycle in progress to make sure it is washing at the optimum level and making sure you always get clean clothes. Despite this fanciful collection of features, it seems the LG F1222TD5 struggles with simple cotton items.

Further enhancing the F1222TD5’s usability, it’s also incredibly quiet, a characteristic that can be attributed largely to the Direct Drive System. Direct Drive integrates the washing machine’s motor, belt and pulley to make a long-lasting motor that attaches directly to the drum, which makes it far quieter than a conventional system. The LG F1222TD5 produces a mere 54 decibels, which is fantastically quiet and will ensure you will have no problem washing clothes late at night or during nap time.

The wash cycles are a bit slow and the 1200 revolutions per minute spin speed is considerably slower than some of its rivals, but the A* energy efficiency rating and the excellent range of features help make the LG F1222TD5 a beautiful and admirable machine.