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The first thing to say about the IPT-2 is it isn't as loud as you would expect. The hints are in the 80W RMS rating (beaten by smaller, premium docks like the rCube and Zeppelin Air). The IPT-2 will still fill a living room, but it isn't the window shaker its size would suggest. This isn't a deal breaker, the IPT-2 is powerful enough to service a house party and, more to the point, it does it with style and aplomb.

The IPT-2's sound signature can best be described as warm. It oozes emotion, brings dynamism and backs it up with a nicely balanced – if not overly aggressive – bass. There is detail too, particularly noticeable in classical music, and enough sound separation to avoid leaving flat spots in a room. In fact the IPT-2 is a strong all rounder capable of doing justice to everything from Barber's Adagio for Strings to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Charlie Parker's jazz, the Chemical Brothers' big beats or the folk inspired music of Mumford and Sons.


Where the revelation comes, however, is price. The real cost for gadgets is their microelectronics. Shrinking components and getting them to still perform like their full size counterparts is what drives up the cost of compact docks like the £300 GenevaSound Model S, £350 Bose Sound Dock or £500 rCube and Zeppelin Air. The IPT-2 doesn't have to play this game and conversely while it may not hit the heights of the £500ers it will happily do battle with £300 - £350 docks for half the price. Yes Lenco has priced the IPT-2 at just £149.99 and for that money it is an absolute bargain. The only product to run it close is Teac's Aurb SR-100i which has dropped to £189.95 from its original £249.99 RRP.

Actually that's not entirely true. Lenco does have one considerable rival to the IPT-2: the original Tower. It is underpowered, but with the price slashed to £89.99 to clear stock it is a steal for those not obsessed with playing their music loud.



Lenco has crafted a well made, stylish iPod dock that breaks from the pack, sounds fantastic and comes in at a breakthrough price point. The IPT-2 is the measure of more portable docks twice the price and if your dock never moves there is no reason to pay a premium for their microelectronics. Lenco could have improved things even further by offering a more substantial remote while volume could be louder for those keen to really annoy their neighbours. Despite this the IPT-2 remains a top notch product. Only its reduced price predecessor offers significant competition and at this price point there are few better options available.

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A Scotland

August 3, 2011, 4:57 pm



August 4, 2011, 4:43 am

For £149.99 of course not. Would certainly have mentioned if it was there. I think you ask the earth of a spectacularly well featured dock for the money. As it stands Apple's charge means Airplay adds about £50 to the cost of any device simply as part of the design.

A Scotland

August 4, 2011, 4:19 pm

I wasn't aware the Apple tax was so significant. I would have thought it would make sense for them to be more reasonable to ensure market proliferation. Especially given, as I understand it, that it is exclusive to their media players anyway.


August 5, 2011, 11:27 pm

Yes, and I agree it is counter productive. Then again this is Apple.

Chris carr

May 29, 2014, 11:35 am

I have bought 1 of these off amazon and tbh I prefer the tower 1, reasons: it doesn't sound as loud even though it got 90 watts compared to the other 1 which has 60 watts, too much bass even on -4 it still annoys my neighbour, no u.s.b port for mp3 player, volume control goes to 32 instead of 50 and the stand is no good if you have laminate flooring.

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