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Leisure RCM10FR



Leisure RCM10FR


Key Features

  • Fan assisted oven
  • Dual ovens
  • Five gas hob burners
  • Manufacturer: Leisure
  • Review Price: £749.00

Leisure RCM10FR

The Leisure RCM10FR is an impressive looking dual fuel range cooker that sees a fan-assisted main oven partnered with a separate conventional right hand side oven. Whilst the fan oven enables you to cook more evenly and faster at lower temperatures, the incorporated conventional oven offers quick, standard cooking abilities as required. Building on this dual oven base, a dedicated, fully variable grill compartment features on the top, taking a disappointingly long period of time to warm up and you have to use it with the door open.

Each of the two ovens has a large viewing window and an interior light so you can see what’s happening to your food without having to open the oven door, which is useful when you’re baking bread or cakes. These large viewing windows are very modern and stylish, but they’re also practical as the inner door glass is removable and so can be easily cleaned. It’s also heat reflective, which makes the Leisure RCM10FR safer and more energy efficient.

The gas hob has five burners on it, including a central wok burner. There’s also a separate ceramic cooking zone. Each burner has a flame safety device, which is good for those teaching kids to cook for the first time. Each burner has mains ignition, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand when you light it. There’s also a glass lid with auto shut off.

With a nifty storage space underneath the right-hand oven, the Leisure RCM10FR also has some features that make it versatile and useful. The clock on the Leisure RCM10FR is very fancy. Five buttons let you control it and set the special functions such as the fan oven programmer. It also has an LED display. It’s such a pity that the dials on the oven are plastic — they look cheap, they’re hard to use precisely and they don’t fit in with the stylish look the rest of the Leisure RCM10FR has.