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Leisure CM101FRCP



Leisure CM101FRCP


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Five gas hob burners
  • Dual ovens
  • Manufacturer: Leisure
  • Review Price: £799.00

Leisure CM101FRCP

This heritage, dual fuel Range cooker is a whole metre wide, making it absolutely huge. It’s beautiful as well as big, though, with shiny chrome handles and smooth doors that make it look absolutely gorgeous — although the sleek black hob does make it a bit hard to read the dials. Thankfully the Leisure CM101FRCP doesn’t just look good — it’s also a really excellent cooker.

The gas hob has five separate burners, including a wok burner, and a ceramic extended dual circuit cooking zone. There is mains ignition to all burners, which makes life just that little bit easier, and the pan supports are made from glossy cast iron. These look lovely but they’re also hardwearing so you don’t have to worry about them breaking under frequent usage. The glass lid to the Leisure CM101FRCP also features auto shut off functionality, so you can just close it down and not have to worry that anything has been left running.

There are two ovens on the Leisure CM101FRCP — one on the bottom left and one on the top right. These are both electric, with electric lights inside, and their metal doors have a large glass viewing window so you can keep an eye on your cooking. As an added bonus, these doors are heat reflective meaning the heat bounces back in and makes the outside of the oven safer and less likely to burn. It’s also possible to remove the interior glass which makes for easy cleaning, as does the AA graded enamel that features within.

On top of these the Leisure CM101FRCP has a fully variable dual circuit grill, so you have real freedom in how you cook things. It’s a bit small considering the overall size of the cooker, but it works well. The clock has an LED display and is controlled by five buttons that let you set the timer easily. The Leisure CM101FRCP has an A-grade energy efficiency rating that should lower your electricity bills.