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Kogan Deluxe Internet Radio - Interface and Radio Features

Andrew Williams

By Andrew Williams



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When dealing with budget radios and media players, it's often the interface that suffers most. The Kogan Deluxe radio holds up remarkably well in this area. Searching for particular podcasts or stations can be a pain, as you have to type out any terms letter-by-letter using the front D-pad or remote control, but stick to browsing and you can avoid this entirely. With dedicated categories for BBC content and local stations, we found we could get what we were after 90 percent of the time without too much laborious tapping.

To pick up the more traditional stations, FM and DAB, the Kogan uses a standard telescopic metal aerial. This works perfectly, although we did test the device in a fairly decent signal area. If you're after the Kogan for internet radio but don't have a Wi-Fi connection (there must be a couple of you still out there), there's an Ethernet port on the back to let you hook up with a cable. Once connected, you can also stream music from computers on the same network.

Features-wise, the Kogan Deluxe covers just about everything we could ask of a radio set, even when the extra bits aren't a great deal of use. It supports DAB+, but this isn't broadcast in the UK at present. DAB+ offers higher bitrates than standard DAB, and is available in some other countries. It's probably not worth emigrating for though.

We can dream-up a few additional features we'd appreciate, like Spotify and Last.fm streaming - which feature in the Squeezebox Radio - but the sheer amount of content on-tap here is nevertheless staggering. A basic remote control is included, so you can surf through it all at a distance rather than being tied to the front physical controls.

The Kogan Deluxe radio is a little large to function as a bedside alarm clock, but it will do this if you need it too. It'll wake you up with a preset radio station, so you don't have to stick with a traditional ear-battering alarm tone.

Martin Daler

July 15, 2011, 10:38 pm

which intenet radio portal does it use? Frontier Silicon, Reciva, or which? What facilities does the portal offer?


August 2, 2011, 12:15 am

Kogan uses the Frontier Silicon Wi-Fi Radio Portal and is very easy to use. Excellent radio, 9/10 for sound. Only gripes I have are the lack of info display from the radio stations, it just shows station description, not details of artiste/song/etc and the remote control unit is a joke. Apart from that, especially for the price. I love this unit so much, I bought a second one to link into my Technics home unit.

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