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Kodak ScanStation 500
Kodak ScanStation 500

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  • Kodak ScanStation 500
  • Kodak ScanStation 500
  • Kodak ScanStation 500
  • Kodak ScanStation 500
  • Scan Station 500 Sheetfed Scanner (24 bit Color - 8 bit Grayscale - Network)

Joe Mineo

May 28, 2009, 6:50 pm

I'd like to thank you for an excellent review. I am the principal software architect of the scan station product line and I thought I'd clarify one point. The Scan Station does in fact provide OCR capability by selecting PDF-Text Searchable as the output file type. This will automatically push each image through an OCR engine and produce a PDF file that can be searched. Thanks again.


August 27, 2010, 11:30 pm


The scan station 500 was the most frustrating scanner I have ever configured. It has no GUI, and needs software installed to manage. The install guide is horrendous (sp). You would think if you need a config file copied from a USB drive to setup the device it would be the 1st item on the install guide. Overall, for the money, this product sucks. Although now after more than half a day and a call to Kodak support the setup is somewhat understandable. Since you are the principal software architech let me give you a tip. On your next model, ditch the usb crap, and go back to an old fashioned web interface. This was so frustrating. And again, overall it sucks.


December 10, 2010, 6:49 am

Hi Casey, Sorry you didn't enjoy your experience with our product. We do have a remote management application that ships with the product and eliminates the need to use a USB drive. We left the USB feature in there for backwards compatibility. Customers that have used this application tell us it simplifies the administration experience a great deal. We'll see what we can do about the improving the user manual to make this more clear. Thanks for trying the product and thanks for your feedback.

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