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Kodak hero 9.1 - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Kodak claims the same 8.5ppm for black and 5.5ppm for colour for the hero 9.1 as for the other printers in the range and we saw almost identical results to the others, when we ran our tests. Our 5-page black text print produced 4.8ppm and this speed increased to 8.6ppm on the 20-page document. The five-page black text and colour graphics document gave 3.2ppm, so a little bit slow on colour but pretty good on text print.

All the hero printers can handle duplex print, but none of them do it particularly quickly. We registered 3.4 sides per minute on this machine. It took 32s to complete a full colour scan from the flatbed and 1:21 for a five-page copy via the ADF. 15 x 10cm photo prints took between 35s and 49s.

Kodak hero 9.1

Black text print is a little bit jagged, more so than from the likes of Canon or HP, but to some extent this is made up for by the good quality draft mode, which you can use for day-to-day documents, saving time and ink.

Like it's stablemate, the Kodak Office Hero 6.1, this machine has trouble printing duplex pages, as it reduces their size automatically by around 10 percent. This can leave very large margins around a reduced page and, if you're top margin is less than 15mm, it will still chop the top of the print.

Photo prints are very good, with pin-sharp detail and reasonably smooth colour gradations, though you can make out some fine dot patterns in skies, when you look closely.

Kodak hero 9.1 - Trays

Kodak is still the master of low running costs, particularly in printers priced at under £200. Using the XL version of the black cartridge and the standard colour one gives costs of 2.0p for black and 4.2p colour, both of which are extremely low, for this class of inkjet printer.


If you want your Kodak printer with extras, this machine delivers them. The touchscreen control, powered photo tray and ADF are certainly worth having, but the print quality, speed and low running costs are available from the hero 5.1, for around £70 less. And you'll need to keep your page margins wide, if you don't want either printer to reduce the page image when printing duplex.


March 3, 2012, 3:54 am

Had a lot of problems with network connectivity spent to long trying to fix customer service is good put problem persists not recommended if you like WI-fi and have a Mac.


October 25, 2013, 4:07 pm

OK it looks great and works fine for a day or two but we have had endless problems - looses connectivity, prints unreadable blur. Cant overide 'stupid' default settings to name but a few. Maybe it needs to be used every day ? I would NOT recommend for ocaisional user over a number of months it's virtually useless. I am ready to give it away :-(

Charlie Moucho

March 20, 2014, 9:02 pm

Kodak hero 9.1. Please change the name to Kodak ZERO 9.1,S um it up in one word. JUNK!! Wow was it sweet day 1 ,2,3. Then turned into a night mare, Will not stay connect to wifi. Extremely slow to connect and only after 5 to 6 attempts will it connect manuely only. forget one button. that has not worked at all. Printer sits less then 8 ft from router and get a 60% signal. My Hp gets 90%. after returning the first one to the store, The second one has the same issues. As much as I dislike HP , its a much better WIFI printer. Keep in mind I don t like HP. But KODAK is complete junk. Oh just a add here the ink page for page is not 1 penny cheaper. I get more pages printer from my 22.00 HP ink. Then I get from the 18.00 Kodak ink.

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