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Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar review

Gordon Kelly



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Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
  • Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Soundbar
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Our Score:



  • AirPlay enabled
  • Light and fairly small
  • Good build quality


  • Jaw droppingly expensive
  • Virtually mono audio reproduction
  • Bass weak when quiet, overblown when loud
  • AirPlay very slow to enable when switched on
  • No Apple charging dock

Key Features

  • AirPlay
  • 60W 2.0 speaker system
  • Bass reflex acoustics
  • USB digital & 3.5mm auxiliary inputs
  • Bundled remote control
  • Manufacturer: Klipsch
  • Review Price: £429.00

You want a premium speaker for your iPhone, you want it from a premium brand and you want AirPlay? Step forward Klipsch with nearly 70 years of acclaimed audio history and its £429 Gallery G-17 Air speakers with integrated AirPlay. If only it were that simple…

The Gallery G-17 is Klipsch's first dalliance into the expensive world of Apple AirPlay systems and it is immediately out to make an impression. How it achieves this is by daring to be different. The G-17 breaks from the usual rounded rugby ball/shell-like designs that swamp the market, with a retro 80s-esque rectangular design atop a detachable stand.

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Build materials are an interesting contrast. The speaker itself walks the well worn path of piano black plastics and dares to expose its speakers, a raw look we think more manufacturers should choose. Klipsch does supply a simple material grill, which cleverly attaches with magnets, but one look at Klipsch's marketing materials will tell you leaving them exposed is its preferred look. In contrast the G-17's stand is metal, surprisingly heavy and dares to step back into a time when you connected things using screws.

Together speaker and stand weigh just 3.5Kg, and the stand accounts for 800g of that. The Klipsch Gallery G-17 doesn't have an internal battery so isn't portable in the strictest sense, but it is light enough to carry from room to room and measures just 43.2cm long, 14.4cm tall and 10.1cm deep (17.78cm tall with the stand) so it is relatively small even if the actual footprint isn't quite so petite.

In terms of connectivity the G-17 ticks the right boxes. In addition to AirPlay, there's a 3.5mm auxiliary input should you dare to own a device outside the Apple clan, and USB for digital input from an iPod or iPhone (firmware updates come via Wi-Fi). Despite this the headliner remains AirPlay.

Setting up AirPlay has been complex and problematic in the past, but recent devices have made it a doddle. The G-17 falls somewhere in the middle. Setting it up on a computer still requires web browsers and the entering of IP addresses, but any iOS device can download the 'Klipsch Air' app and be done in five relatively painless steps.

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August 5, 2013, 2:38 am

Why has the price dropped from $549 to $159 at Amazon, BestBuy, etc...??

Kona Jack

September 29, 2013, 2:45 pm

Because that's what it's really worth and shows how much markup there was initially. I picked one up new on ebay for $129. AS the reviewer suggests, it is pretty good at that price point but ridiculous at $500 - it is beautifully built (feels expensive) but sonically rather forgettable.


November 27, 2013, 2:31 pm

Because the product was about to be discontinued (and has now been for a little while).

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