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Latest Kettles

Check out the latest kettles on the market via our trusted kettle reviews. From noise and boiling speed to filtration and energy consumption, we put the latest kettles through the TrustedReviews test.

  1. Kenwood Persona SJM610

    Kenwood Persona SJM610

    This pricey jug kettle has impressive features but others do the job better

  2. Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle

    Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle

    A clever kettle that keeps warm for longer

  3. Morphy Richards Prism Traditional Kettle

    Morphy Richards Prism Traditional Kettle

    A striking-looking kettle with an oriental-inspired design that's supremely ergonomic

  4. Breville Impressions Gloss White Jug Kettle VKJ738
  5. Smarter iKettle 2.0

    Smarter iKettle 2.0

    A smart kettle that offers lots for the money

  6. Dualit Classic Kettle
  7. DeLonghi Distinta 1.7L Kettle
  8. Sage Smart Kettle BKE820UK

    Sage Smart Kettle BKE820UK

    This hi-tech kettle offers a range of temperatures perfect for tea connoisseurs

  9. Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle 18554
  10. Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle

    Kenwood Turin SJM550 Kettle

    One of the prettiest kettles we've tested but sounds like a jet

  11. Kenwood Scene Kettle 2

    Kenwood Scene SJM480 Kettle

    A well-made and sizable kettle

  12. Swan SK19010N Travel Kettle

    Swan SK19010N Travel

    With just 75W of power and a 0.5 litre capacity, the Swan SK19010N Travel Kettle is perfect for trips away when you want a brew.

  13. Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB

    Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB

    The Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB kettle aids ease of use with a 360 degree base and 3100W of power.

  14. Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah

    Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah

    With a 360 degree base and a 1.6 litre capacity, the Russell Hobbs 14389 Savannah utilises 3000W of power.

  15. Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505

    Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505

    The Dualit Axis 72501 - 72502 - 72505 cordless kettle has non-slip rubber feet for improved safety.