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Kenwood K31GSS10



Kenwood K31GSS10


Key Features

  • 31 litre capacity
  • 1000W microwave cooking power
  • 1150W grill function
  • Manufacturer: Kenwood
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Kenwood K31GSS10

A stainless steel colossus, the Kenwood K31GSS10 pitches in with a whopping 31 litre (1.09 cubic foot) capacity. As it doesn’t have Time Lord technology this is clearly reflected in the external dimensions of the unit which are a substantial H33.5 x W52 x D44cms – note particularly the 44cms depth, which may be a real problem for slimline worktops.

Packing a hefty 1000W of microwave power and a 1150W grill – the two functions can be used in combination, the Kenwood K31GSS10 plays host to five power levels and a typical array of auto-defrost and auto-cook functions. As one would expect with such a powerful unit heating is fast and deep-penetrating with no cold spots detected. Grill performance is perfectly acceptable and yes, it does make good toast.

Control of the Kenwood unit is via a typical touch pad supplemented by a jog dial for setting cooking times/power levels. All very straightforward to use after the inevitable acclimatisation period, but the dial is very sensitive and it can be annoying to accidentally change one of the settings when confirming. Also, despite the overall high-quality feel of the unit the dial feels a little fragile, and it’s really not something that you’d want to break. There are several quick start options which are variously useful, and one small niggle is that timings have to be set in 30 second increments. The digital display is commendably bright and lucid even in poor light conditions.

This microwave delivers well in all the important areas, is well- built, reasonably easy to use and with its huge capacity is suitable for the larger family or dedicated cook.