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Kenwood K25MSS11



Kenwood K25MSS11


Key Features

  • 900W microwave cooking power
  • 25 litre capacity
  • 11 power settings
  • Manufacturer: Kenwood
  • Review Price: £140.00

Kenwood K25MSS11

The “SS” part of the product name stands for Stainless Steel, in case you were wondering, and in this case the name is apt as the unit is trimmed in said material (there’s an appropriately named white version too). This is a 900W microwave-only unit with a very useful 25 litre (0.88 cubic foot) capacity – big enough for a baby-bottle steriliser. It’s a fairly hefty beast measuring H36.2 x W57.9 x D46cms so consider carefully whether it will fit comfortably in your kitchen.

The machine is finished in black with the aforementioned SS trim and looks a bit retro in a comfy, reassuring sort of way. Door opening is via a substantial handle and the unit has the usual touch controls. The film covering the touch buttons looks a bit flimsy and might be prone to damage with repeated use. Furthermore, despite the unit’s large size, it‘s still fairly lightweight and pulling the handle to open the door can cause the whole thing to move forward.

With 11 power settings the Kenwood K25MSS11 is further bolstered by and auto-cook and auto-defrost functions with programming the oven proving generally straightforward, (but as always read the instructions first) and there are ultra-simple, quick-start functions. Cooking performance is very good, being both swift and consistent (no cold spots). Defrosting is especially good and it makes cracking jacket spuds.

Commendably quiet in operation, the Kenwood K25MSS11 suffers from the increasingly common complaint that the ‘beeps’ are too loud. And if we’re really nit-picking, the microwave can’t be used independently of the timer, so if you want to time something else that you’re cooking (on your gas hob, for example) you can’t do this while using the microwave.

Overall this is a good all-rounder: easy to use and efficient.