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John Archer

By John Archer


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John Archer

February 10, 2011, 7:16 pm

Although I'm not usually one for changing my marks, but on reflection I do feel I've been rather harsh on the JVC's 3D performance. The main reason I criticised it was crosstalk noise. But having just spent time with Sony's VW90ES projector, it's become clear that the JVC's crosstalk issues are actually much less pronounced than those of the much more expensive Sony.

Also, having lived with the JVC pretty much full time since I wrote the original review, I've found the JVC's crosstalk issues sufficiently subtle that you can actually start to tune them out to some degree.

As a result of all this I would on reflection nudge the X3's 3D mark up to an 8, which additionally makes me at least tempted to turn the overall mark into a 10, especially considering how cheap the X3 is compared with the Sony model...

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