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Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset review



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Jabra Sport
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Our Score:



  • Comfortable
  • Solid construction
  • Splashproof


  • Poor radio reception
  • Short battery life

Key Features

  • Wireless headset
  • In-line controls
  • Rain proof
  • Built in FM radio
  • Manufacturer: Jabra
  • Review Price: £65.00

During our fitness technology product tests we see many other runners holding their phones in a hand or strapped to an arm while they listen to music. There are many sport headphones on the market, but wireless Bluetooth sets have been aimed largely at business users and those willing to spend a fair bit.

Jabra has taken its background in headset technology and produced a hardwearing, comfortable pair of Bluetooth earphones that allow you to listen to your music wirelessly take calls should anyone interrupt your workout.Jabra Sport

The Jabra Sport stereo headset, finished in black with reflective detailing, sits snugly over the top of each ear, the buds resting by the ear canal opening. We like this approach, as noise isolating in-ear headphones that block out the sound of traffic can lead to terrifying results. Running in front of an articulated lorry - never a good idea. In addition, while in-ear monitors produce a secure fit, they amplify footfalls and can lead to your ear canals filling with sweat, producing a nasty sloshing noise for the listener.

The Jabra Sport avoids these ill-effects, yet fit comfortably. They earpieces are relatively discreet too, with playback controls and the microphone on the back of an earpiece. The right one features volume controls that double up as forward and back track buttons when held for longer than a second. There is also an FM button that switches the headset into radio mode, transforming the track buttons into search controls to jump between stations. There is a pause button too, which when held turns the headset off and on.

The buttons on the earpiece are both weatherproof and well positioned on the back, and are different shapes, letting the runner identify them without resorting to trial and error prods. Buttons are covered in the same silicon layer that coats the earpiece, which means you can rinse them off without worrying about water getting under the switches and into the electronics. Finally, there is a micro USB socket under a flap, through which you can charge the headset. The Jabra Sport headet provides three hours of music playback.

Size, weight and durability are prime factors in all sport headphones and the Jabra Sport headset weighs a mere 25g, and the earpieces are unobtrusive yet secure on the ears. The also put up with the rigours of sweat, rain and wind without bouncing around.

The two earpieces are joined by a flat tangle-resistant cable. We would have preferred a fabric cord, but the rubberised wire has enough rigidity to keep the cord off the wearer's neck, and is the perfect length to avoid flapping around and getting caught on a collar while allowing one ear to be taken off without garrotting the wearer.

Simon Rackliff

February 24, 2012, 2:41 pm

Great review.

I have since bought this headset, and I can happily say that they are exactly what I was after - a wireless headset to use while running.

I think you covered all the relevant points minus 1 - they also feature smart phone integration. I use them with the Endomondo app, and I can now pause my workout remotely with a short press, and get workout updates with a long press of the headset button. It compromises full media player control - volume and skip track still work, but Pause is gone in favour of Endomondo control, only when the app is active though - but definitely worth it! I used to have to unlock my phone to do this, or have it in my pocket (not good).

Also they include an armband for your mobile/iPod which is a really nice feature for a £50 headset.

They are not for all-day use (3-hour playback), so I have wired headset for "quality" listening.

In fact my biggest gripe is I can often accidentally "Redial" on my phone instead of turning off the headset! This is very annoying! But also had this problem with other BT headsets.

Battery life is disappointing (3hours is fairly accurate), but that is how they can make it so light. Batteries are heavy.



March 20, 2013, 4:57 pm

Great set if headphones. As stated not excellent sound quality, but decent enough for the average Joe. The best feature for me is their resilience to water and sweat. Nothing has shaken mine and I am a heavy sweater. In addition they have survived with no ill effects from a 40 minute, 30 degree wash whilst in my fabric gym floor bag. Dried them out straight away near a radiator and the next day they were fine. Albeit they had reset and lost the pairing to my phone. But this was quickly reinstated and now they work perfectly.


March 26, 2013, 1:31 pm

I'll start off by saying I didn't buy these to use whilst exercising (as the Sport title suggests you should).

I bought the Jabra Sport Bluetooth for commuting to and from work, but needed a headset with a built-in FM radio as (a) you can't use the Galaxy Note 2's inbuilt FM radio without plugging in a pair of headphones to act as an antenna (defeating the object of a BT headset) and (b) mobile data reception on the home-work route is very patchy so using an internet radio app like TuneIn Radio isn't an option.

I'm tired of headphone cables getting worn/snagged and money going down the drain as a result, so wanted a Bluetooth headset where this wasn't going to be an issue.

The earphones, even with the 3 different eargels, do not fit at all well, and I reckon I've got fairly 'standard' ears! This is a real shame as when you push the speakers to your ears, the sound is decent with a good amount of bass, but unless you sit there with your fingers in your ears, you lose all of the quality and they sound like cheap 'phones you'd find given away in a cereal packet, with absolutely no noise-isolating capability at all.

Why on earth Jabra didn't think to supply rubber ear-tips that actually fit snugly is beyond me, especially for a headset designed to be used in noisier environments.

I bought these from the Apple store and paid over-the-odds at £89.95 (I've since found them online for significantly less).

In summary, I've pretty-much wasted the best part of £100.

Certainly not recommended.

Weston Yates

September 29, 2014, 9:40 pm

I would recommend the LG Tone+, more details here. It is a great quality headset that I have been using for about the past year. It isn't the most recent model, but it still just as good.

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