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  1. Philips GC8520

    Philips GC8520

    With a 1.6 litre water tank located in the iron's base unit, the Philips GC8520 features a specially pointed ironing tip for tackling hard to reach areas.

  2. Tefal FV5235

    Tefal FV5235

    With a stabilised heel for added safety, the Tefal FV5235 features a ceramic plate for smooth ironing and integrated limescale prevention technology.

  3. Bosch TDA7640GB

    Bosch TDA7640GB

    With a ceramic, scratch resistant plate and a hearty 2750W of power the Bosch TDA7640GB will get your clothes pressed in double quick time.

  4. Philips GC2810

    Philips GC2810

    An inexpensive iron that is sure to impress the Philips GC2810 features 2000W of power and a scratch resistant ironing plate for a smooth finish.

  5. Tefal GV7095 Compact

    Tefal GV7095 Compact

    With the iron sitting atop a 1.6 litre water tank, the Tefal GV7095 Compact is capable of producing large amounts of continuous steam.

  6. Russell Hobbs 17902

    Russell Hobbs 17902

    Although the 300ml water tank is small, the Russell Hobbs 17902 features a large, quick-heating soleplate for easy ironing.

  7. Philips GC3640

    Philips GC3640

    An energy efficient iron, the Philips GC3640 features integrated limescale prevention technology and a 3m long power cord for improved ease of use.

  8. Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737

    Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737

    With a cushioned handle, the Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737 Iron lives up to its billing whilst adding a ceramic plate for easy gliding.

  9. Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron

    Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron

    Capable of producing 50g of steam per minute, the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron is extremely powerful despite being a bit weighty.

  10. Bosch TDS25

    Bosch TDS25

    With a ceramic plate for easy gliding, the Bosch TDS25 makes ironing a breeze whilst powerful steam functions further help in the battle against creases.

  11. Philips GC7420/02

    Philips GC7420/02

    A powerful, lightweight iron, the Philips GC7420/02 features a scratch resistant plate and impressive steam functions.

  12. Bosch TDA5620GB

    Bosch TDA5620GB

    One of the most powerful irons on the market, the Bosch TDA5620GB pairs 2750W of power with inbuilt limescale prevention technology.

  13. Morphy Richards 42270

    Morphy Richards 42270

    With hearty stream functions, the Morphy Richards 42270 can iron on the flat or vertically.

  14. Philips GC3620

    Philips GC3620

    The Philips GC3620 iron has a 360 degree swivel cord for easy of use and vertical steam functions.

  15. Philips GC4890/02

    Philips GC4890/02

    The Philips GC4890/02 pairs a surprisingly stylish design with strong, powerful performances and a scratch resistant plate.