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Latest Iron reviews to help you find the best iron for your needs. Check out all the latest irons to suit your budget without comprimising on quality. Have peace of mind by reading our unbiased, independent reviews from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. Morphy Richards Redefine Atomist Vapour 360001
  2. Breville PressXpress VIN339

    Breville PressXpress VIN339

    This mid-priced iron delivers impressive steam. And it's purple. Well worth considering.

  3. Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9222

    Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9222

    This steam generator iron boasts some great features, including simple controls and a smart temperature setting.

  4. Hoover IronSpeed SRD 4110/2

    Hoover IronSpeed SRD 4110/2

    This colourful steam generator iron boasts an unusual feature: a built-in steam brush

  5. Rowenta Silence Steam

    Rowenta Silence Steam

    A steam generator iron that claims to be quieter than most

  6. Polti Vaporella Forever 670 Eco

    Polti Vaporella Forever 670 Eco

    A modestly featured but excellent performing steam generating iron

  7. Bosch Ultimate Steam Generator

    Bosch Ultimate Steam Generator

    Simply the best, most powerful and indeed best-looking steam generator iron we've tested

  8. Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9640

    Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9640

    A powerful workhorse of a steam iron

  9. Bosch TDA7060GB

    Bosch TDA7060GB

    Powerful, clever and loaded with steam

  10. Morphy Richards Breeze 300254

    Morphy Richards Breeze 300254

    An impressive steam iron at a bargain price

  11. AEG DB6120-U

    AEG DB6120-U

    A lightweight, agile steam iron with a love-or-loathe-it design

  12. Philips Azur Performer

    Philips Azur Performer

    A good iron but with mediocre steam performance for the price

  13. Rowenta DW6010 Eco Focus

    Rowenta DW6010 Eco Focus

    Cute, interesting design, but poor steam performance

  14. Panasonic NI-W920A

    Panasonic NI-W920A

    Space-age design but lacking a little power

  15. Tefal Effectis GV6760

    Tefal Effectis GV6760

    A compact and affordable steam generator iron that punches well above its weight