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The 5S is the latest in Apple’s extremely popular iPhone series. Built using the same design and features as the previous model it is a handsome phone – made of aluminium and glass. It’s sleek and slim and is far lighter than any of its direct competitors at just 112 grams. It’s light but it feels sturdy and solid. If anything we’d have liked it to be a bit softer in hand by having more rounded edges . The screen is 4-inches big, which is a lot smaller than most top-of-the-range Android and Windows phones like the Galaxy S4, HTC One or Nokia Lumia 1020. This makes it a more manageable phone than the others but it does sacrifice screen real estate. In all other respects the screen is great. It’s bright, colourful and pin sharp. Just under the screen is the traditional iPhone home button which has a new trick up its sleeve. Buried in the button and surrounding metal ring it is a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID. This lets you unlock your phone simply by touching you finger or thumb on it. It works perfectly and quickly becomes second nature. The iPhone 5S comes with iOS 7, Apple’s new mobile operating system. It’s breath of fresh air with a new design and some excellent new additions such as the control centre. It’s nothing Android users haven’t seen before but it is all handled with Apple’s trademark polish. iWorks – Apple’s version of Office – also come free with the phone. The 5S has a new A7 processor. It’s a top performer and the first 64-bit processor to ever appear in a phone. In our tests it significantly outclassed the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. Games look striking and navigating the phone is very smooth. If there’s one thing we would like a little more of it is battery life. The iPhone 5S does last longer than the iPhone 5 before it, but not that much longer. You get about 10 hours of constant mixed use out of it. The camera has also had a boost. It’s still 8 megapixels but it has a bigger sensor and larger pixels than before meaning better low-light performance. In our tests it lacked some of the detail in well-lit environments but more than made up for it in darker ones. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 or 4S you’ll love the iPhone 5S. The jump from the 5 to the 5S is a little less necessary. However the iPhone 5S is good enough to start even Android heads turning, if you don’t mind the smaller form-factor. For more information on the iPhone 5S or iOS 7 visit trustedreviews.com

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