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With its revolutionary screen and ingenious design, the iPhone 4 looked to be something truly amazing and in some ways it has lived up to this but largely it feels more like a simple evolution than anything more. But, be under no illusion, the iPhone 4 is still far and away the best smartphone on the market. It's build quality puts others to shame, it has a style all of its own, its operating system is still the easiest and slickest to use, its app store is unsurpassed, and it has some class leading features. The only real sticking point is price. So if you can take the extra £200 or so that it'll cost to get an iPhone 4 over any other smartphone then you'll almost certainly be happy. If, however, you're really scraping your pennies together for an upgrade (especially if you're already an iPhone 3GS or other top-end smartphone user) then we think you'd be better off sitting tight for a while, especially as the new version of Android has just arrived.

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