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The iPad mini with Retina display is the tablet everyone wished the original iPad mini was. Like the superb iPad Air, it has a retina standard screen -- it's the same resolution, too, which means it's even sharper on the mini's 7.9-inch screen -- while its size and weight mean it's comfortable to hold in just one hand. It's a fact helped by the comfortable curved edges and aluminium finish, whose quality is everything we've come to expect from Apple's iPads. It's not just the screen that's changed, however, the new mini is significantly faster, too. Last year's iPad mini has the processor from the ageing iPad 2, whereas this year's mini includes the super-fast Apple A7 processor also found in the iPhone 5S and iPad Air. The upshot this is among the very fastest tablets on sale; it has enough power to deal with the high resolution screen and play the most demanding games. General performance is faultless, with no hesitance when scrolling pages or opening apps. All this comes at a price, however, as the iPad mini with Retina display is more expensive. It now costs £319 for the 16GB version, as opposed to £269 for the original iPad mini. That's one of the reasons the old iPad mini is still on sale, though it's not a great deal compared to cheap 7-inch Android tablets. That's less of a problem for the Retina iPad mini, however, where its superior screen, outstanding performance and huge collection of apps make up for its higher than average price. The only real disappointment is the lack of Touch ID, the fingerprint scanning tech debuted on the iPhone 5S. It's a shame Apple hasn't seen fit to add it here, though not serious enough an omission for us not to recommend the iPad mini with Retina display. If you don't mind spending extra over Android tablets and prefer something smaller than the iPad Air, it's an outstanding tablet that won't disappoint.

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