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The new iPad with Retina Display is the best large tablet going with better battery life and performance than both the iPad 3 and the other large tablet competition. It also boasts the best build quality and the most comprehensive selection of truly tablet-oriented apps.

Then of course there’s the new connector which while troublesome in the short term is ultimately a step forward, at least compared to the previous Apple connector – we’d still prefer a standard connection like microUSB if possible.

All this said, there’s not enough here to justify an upgrade from an iPad 3, especially given this new model isn’t thinner or lighter. As such unless you’re particularly determined to wholesale make the switch to Lightning connector equipped Apple products, we’d suggest waiting to see what the iPad 5 has to offer.

Then of course there’s the iPad mini. With Apple not wholly embracing the idea of tablets as laptop replacements like Microsoft has done with the Microsoft Surface and like Asus has done with the Asus Transformer, the larger iPad still feels to us like a product that’s trying to fit a gap that simply isn’t there. Instead, despite its lower resolution screen and slower processor, it’s the iPad mini that we’d go for as a pure tablet.

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