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Griffin GuitarConnect

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The GuitarConnect helps to turn your iPad into a guitar amp, and your iPad 2 into a miniature recording studio. It plugs into the headphone jack at one end and your guitar's jack socket at the other - and gives you an additional audio out to send to some speakers, headphones or a full guitar amp.

With additional apps like iShred or GarageBand, you can use the iPad 2 as an amp modeler or a multi-track recorder - features far in advance of the tablet's original remit as a web-surfing device.

Akai SynthStation 49

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The keyboard equivalent of the Griffin GuitarConnect, the Akai SynthStation is the perfect way to control the synth apps available on iPad - such as the Korg i-MS20. The £150+ price tag may sound steep, but it's actually something of a bargain as full synths often cost hundreds if not thousands pounds.

Aside from the 49-key keyboard, the SynthStation 49 is also equipped with two modulation wheels, a nine-button drum pad and some physical playback controls. It's a great accessory for bedroom musicians.

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