Evan Kypreos

Evan Kypreos has always had a keen interest in gadgets, gaming and computing. He started with a ZX Spectrum, migrated to an Atari ST before being lured by the dark and dangerous world of PCs (there’s an iMac in there somewhere too). He’s still builds his own PCs and still loves his old-school mouse and keyboard gaming, although he also has his fair share of consoles.

Graduating in 2000, Evan has since worked in a number of roles, primarily in the digital sphere, for publishing companies, a local authority and as a product lead and founder of web start-ups. He’s an agile advocate (after struggling for years with waterfall and deciding there must be a better way) and has more than 10 years of experience in UX and design, particularly on the web.

When he’s not helping his family with IT problems (saying “have you turned it on and off again?” doesn’t take that long to be fair) Evan enjoys tinkering with computers and tech, watching films, reading, trying to save Greece from economic collapse and being a mentor for technology start-ups.

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