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Indesit TAN6FNFS



Indesit TAN6FNFS


Key Features

  • 402 litre capacity
  • Holiday mode
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze technologies
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £360.00

Indesit TAN6FNFS

Unusually for a fridge freezer, with the Indesit TAN6FNFS the fridge in on the bottom and the freezer is on the top. It’s quite tall, at just under two metres, and 70cm wide. This means it’s got a fairly large capacity of 402 litres — one of the largest you’ll find on a fridge freezer that’s not an American style.

Most of this capacity is found in the fridge, which can hold 329 litres. The fridge has three glass shelves, two salad crisper drawers and a compartment at the top to store things such as butter and cheese. There is also plenty of door storage — the door shelves are quite deep and can hold bottles of wine or large milk containers. Then there are two shelves that will fit things like jam, and another butter tray at the top.

The freezer is much, much smaller than the fridge, so if you need a lot of freezer space the Indesit TAN6FNFS isn’t for you. The layout is very basic, as there’s only one shelf and no drawers, but there are a few shelves in the door too. It’s also easy to see exactly what is in the freezer without the drawers covering it up.

The Indesit TAN6FNFS features Super Cool and Super Freeze technologies. These are functions that you can use to quickly chill new food that you put into the appliance to bring it to a chilled or frozen temperature quickly. There’s also a holiday mode that will save energy when you’re away.

If the doors are left open for too long, the eco function will kick in. This realises that the fridge freezer’s temperatures aren’t correct and sets off an alarm to let you know. When this happens it will turn on Super Cool and Super Freeze to reduce the internal temperature back to normal.

The only real problem with the Indesit TAN6FNFS is that it’s a bit noisy. Not only is it loud, it can also make some quite strange noises. Apart from that, however, it’s a perfectly good fridge freezer.