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Indesit PWE91672W



Indesit PWE91672W


Key Features

  • 9kg drum capacity
  • 1600 RPM spin speed
  • 30 minute quick wash
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £304.00

Indesit PWE91672W

Do you frequently have large loads of washing to get clean? If so, the Indesit PWE91672W might be for you. Its stainless steel drum has a whopping 9kg capacity, meaning it’s even capable of washing items such as King size duvets. Thankfully, it can not only hold large loads but is more than capable of cleaning them very well too.

Even more impressively, the Indesit PWE91672W is capable of a maximum spin speed of 1600 revolutions per minute — almost unheard of for an 8kg drum, let alone a 9kg one. This fast spin speed leaves just under half the amount of water in the clothes after washing, so garments dry more quickly helping you to use less energy on the tumble dryer. This spin speed isn’t set for several programmes, however, and annoyingly isn’t a feature that you can easily change — if you wanted the 1600 speed on some cycles, you’d have to add an extra 16-minute spin at the end.

If you were worried that this fast spin speed might make a lot of noise, you don’t have to as on average the machine creates only 51 decibels of noise. You could use the 24-hour timer delay that the Indesit PWE91672W comes with to set the washing to happen whilst you were in bed without worrying it’d wake you up.

To wash the huge loads of clothes that the Indesit PWE91672W can cope with, you have 16 different wash programmes to choose from. This selection of programmes range from a lengthy 190-minute programme to a 30 minute quick wash — which, being honest, isn’t a particularly quick speed for a quick wash. There’s also no hand wash option, but the cool wash cycle works for delicate items. You can also adjust the temperature for each of these programmes.

Although this wide collection of settings can be a bit complicated to use at first, the machine is easy to get used to and for busy families who constantly have lots of washing to do, the Indesit PWE91672W is definitely worth consideration.