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Indesit PWDE8148



Indesit PWDE8148


Key Features

  • 8kg drum capacity
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £430.00

Indesit PWDE8148

With an ultra-modern look, the Indesit PWDE8148 plays host to pale tones, quirky lines and an absolutely enormous porthole door that gives it an almost space-age appearance that is extremely eye-catching. This impressive aesthetic is not all positives, however, the attractive finish featuring no child lock to stop inquisitive youngsters interrupting a cycle mid-flow.

Although that large porthole door makes the Indesit PWDE8148 look nice, it’s there for a reason. Featuring a truly enormous 8kg drum capacity, bigger than most other models on the market, the Indesit PWDE8148 is able to cope with items such as King Size duvets and is more than able to deal with a family’s weekly load.

Adding to this, the Indesit PWDE8148 has a spin speed of up to 1400 revolutions per minute, which is very impressive for such a large drum. You might expect such a large, fast machine to be noisy but in fact the Indesit offering is pleasingly quiet.

With a wash efficiency rating of A, the Indesit PWDE8148 really cleans these large loads of clothes well. It also cleans them efficiently — monitoring loads of washing to check their weight and the fabric, utilising this information to ensure it uses the perfect amount of energy and water to get clothes fantastically clean without wasting anything. This gives savings of up to 60% in water, electricity and time.

It’s also efficient when it comes to drying with the automatic sensor monitoring moisture levels to determine when the clothes are dry, automatically stopping the machine upon completion. As well as saving energy, this handy feature will mean you don’t have to keep popping back to check on your clothes. For those favouring a more traditional approach, you can also set the dryer times if you wish.

The Indesit PWDE8148 doesn’t have a half-load or quick cycle, but this is because the intelligent washing system knows exactly how much washing there is in the machine and how best to clean it.