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Indesit IWME126



Indesit IWME126


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • 6kg drum capacity
  • 1200 RPM spin speed
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £299.00

Indesit IWME126

For those who prefer their white goods appliances hidden away, the Indesit IWME126 is built-in and so can be neatly tucked away behind a cupboard. Sadly it’s not ideally suited to heavy duty washing as its stainless steel drum can only hold a capacity of 6kg and it can only reach a maximum spin speed of 1200, both of which are lower than the industry leading standards. For everyday washing, however, it should be fine.

Having been awarded an A-grade energy efficiency rating, the Indesit IWME126 won’t eat up electricity like some machines do and will hopefully save you a few pennies on your electricity bill. As far as expense goes, the Indesit unit is one of the cheaper integrated washing machines on the market, too.

With a nice range of programmes to choose from, a variety of customisable settings will ensure this washing machine will clean your clothes perfectly, no matter what the load. It also features things like a sports wash, which is particularly good for getting dirty trainers clean. With a good wool wash added to the mix, the IWME126 is let down by the lack of a hand wash option despite the 30°C silk wash capable of acting as a substitute for a hand wash cycle.

The Indesit IWME126 cycle times vary quite a lot, but most of them are either average or short lengths. A normal wash takes 60 minutes and a delicate wash takes just 30. The 50°C wash takes about an hour. Even though these cycle times are relatively speedy, they still get clothes brilliantly clean. There are some obvious gaps in programmes, though — most people nowadays are used to having a half load setting and it’s lacking in the Indesit IWME126, a machine that also omits a display that tells you how long the wash has remaining.

Although the machine takes a little getting used to, when you do it’s uncomplicated. It’s also very quiet, even without the cupboard door hiding it away.