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Indesit IWDE7145K



Indesit IWDE7145K


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • 16 different wash programmes
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £279.00

Indesit IWDE7145K

With a 7kg wash capacity and a 5kg drying capacity, the Indesit IWDE7145K is ideal for busy families or someone with heavy washing demands. Whilst the Indesit machine is capable of supporting huge wash loads, this doesn’t mean it skimps on cleaning ability with users able to avoid the fuss of transferring items between machines thanks to its wash/dryer combo options.

Washing clothes very well, the Indesit IWDE7145K features 16 different wash programmes that will allow you to select designated settings and modes no matter what the contents. These include standard programmes such as hand wash, woollens, silk and delicates, with a few handy extras thrown into the mix.

Whilst the Outdoor Wear cycle will wash technical fabrics well, you can also use this mode on your jeans, with the cycle getting them clean without unwanted damaging. There’s also a set of special sports programmes specifically designed to clean sweaty sportswear and trainers.

If you’ve only got a smaller load, you can take advantage of the Eco Time half load option that will wash your clothes up to 30% quicker and using 40% less water than a standard load — no wonder the Indesit IWDE7145K has an energy efficiency rating of A. If that’s not fast enough for you, however, you can use the quick wash function. There are so many programmes it’s actually a bit confusing.

After you’ve washed the clothes you need to dry them — although the powerful spin cycle means they’re very dry when they come out of the washing cycles anyway. The Indesit IWDE7145K features sensor drying, a feature which will check the humidity levels in the machine to determine when the load is finished before automatically switching it off. A handy power and time saver, although the sensor dryer is functional, it can leave clothes very creased.