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Indesit IDV75



Indesit IDV75


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • C Class energy efficiency rating
  • Freestanding and front loading
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £179.00

Indesit IDV75

The Indesit IDV75 is a vented tumble dryer that is very, very basic. It doesn’t have any of the fancy bells and whistles that many other tumble dryers do nowadays and it isn’t elaborately styled so that it looks like a cross between an appliance and a work of art. It’s just a nice, simple, no-frills tumble dryer that gets the job done.

With a 6kg capacity, you should be able to clean the clothes of a standard family in there. It’s more than adequate for the needs of a couple. Whilst there are models that have up to 9kg capacities, making the Indesit IDV75 actually quite small, most of the time you don’t need such a large capacity and the 6kg offering should be fine.

Disappointingly, the IDV75 isn’t particularly energy efficient with just a C-standard energy rating. If you’re worried about you’re electricity bills or you’re conscious of the environment when choosing your appliances, it’s probably best to look at something else. It’s also a little bit noisy, so don’t get the Indesit IDV75 if you’re planning on doing lots of night washes.

A freestanding and front loading machine, the Indesit IDV75 is simple to load and copes well with repeated loads meaning you can use it several times a week or even a day without problems. It’s very sturdy and feels solid when you use it, even though it’s such a low price.

Because it’s so basic you don’t have to worry about needing to check the manual every five minutes, the Indesit dryer is a very simple unit to use. It does tend to wrinkle and crease clothes quite easily, though so you’ll have to make sure you’re handy with the iron. The best thing about the Indesit IDV75 is the drying times. With far too many tumble dryers take absolutely ages to dry clothes, the Indesit IDV75 comes into its own, producing strong results in speedy times.