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Indesit IDV65



Indesit IDV65


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • 15 different dryer programmes
  • Reverse action drum
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £149.00

Indesit IDV65

The best thing about the Indesit IDV65 is the number of programmes it has. Traditional tumble dryers were only able to be set to dry, whilst modern ones have maybe four or five different programmes you can use. The Indesit IDV65 smashes all of these, however, as it has a fantastic 15 different drying programmes that you use to get your washing dry. No matter what you need to dry you’ll be able to find a setting that is perfect for it.

It’s also got features that many other modern tumble dryers just don’t have. For example, you can use the cool air cycle to dry clothes that would shrink under high temperatures whilst the reverse tumble action means you won’t have to spend ages fighting with knotted sheets or jeans because the Indesit IDV65 won’t tangle them up.

On top of this there’s also a delay timer that it’s possible to use to start the washing whenever you please — say, after you’ve gone out or when you’ve gone to bed. You don’t have to worry about the Indesit IDV65 waking you up after you’ve gone to bed, either, as it’s actually really quiet.

The door opens to a full 180-degress, which makes getting washing in and out of the Indesit IDV65 much easier. With a 7kg capacity this full door opening is useful, because 7kg is quite a lot of washing.

On the whole, the Indesit IDV65 is a great machine. It’s easy to use and a really cheap and cheerful model. You can buy more complicated appliances, but if you just want something basic that’s going to get your clothes dry the Indesit IDV65 is grand.