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Indesit ID60C2



Indesit ID60C2


Key Features

  • Ceramic hob
  • Dual fan assisted ovens
  • Strong build quality
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £500.00

Indesit ID60C2

Half a metre long and styled in stunning black and silver, the Indesit ID60C2 is a good cooker to cope with the demands of everyday modern life. With a double oven and a spacious hob it would be suited to small families or couples.

The hob, which has four burners of different sizes, is ceramic. Ceramic hobs are all the rage nowadays, probably because they cook just as well as gas hobs without as much of the hassle. For one thing they’re much easier to clean as you don’t have to scrub the grease that got trapped in various nooks and crannies or scrub the pan supports — and then they look lovely when they’re cleaned. For another they heat up really quickly, hold their heat well and distribute the heat evenly, which makes for much better cooking.

Beneath the hob are the Indesit ID60C2’s two ovens. These are both electric and fan heated. The main oven is very spacious inside. It has two shelves, which can be put at different heights, and a light that makes seeing the food inside the oven easy. The wide glass door on the front of the main oven also helps with this.

The top oven, which is smaller and only has one shelf, also doubles as a grill. You can choose between a half grill or full grill option and four different temperatures. It works just as well as a grill as it does an oven, and it’s nice to have the different cooking options open to you.

Well made, the Indesit ID60C2 feels nice and sturdy as you use it. It’s clearly been designed and put together well. It’s difficult to read the dials because of the way they’re positioned, though, so it’s not been perfectly put together. Overall though it’s really good value for money, easy to use and cooks really well.