Indesit CA55



Indesit CA55


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • 185 litre capacity
  • Auto frost function
  • Manufacturer: Indesit
  • Review Price: £270.00

Indesit CA55

The Indesit CA55 is fantastic value for money, and is one of the cheapest models on the market. It also has an A-grade energy efficiency rating, which means it’ll use less energy and therefore lower your electricity bills. It’s barely over a metre wide and 174cm tall, so it’s quite a small fridge freezer, but it still has a fairly decent net capacity of 185 litres which should be more than enough for a couple or a small family.

The fridge has a capacity of 150 litres. It has two glass shelves and two large salad crisper drawers. The door shelves are fairly deep and spacious — you can fit in two large bottles of pop in for example, or a four pint bottle of milk. There is also a butter tray at the top of the door and then a smaller tray that’s perfect for things like jams just underneath it.

The freezer has a capacity of 85 litres, making it just over half the size of the fridge. Inside there are four drawers the top three of which are of equal sized whilst the bottom drawer is a half drawer. These drawers are made out of bulky plastic, though, which does take up quite a bit of room. With four freezer stars, the Indesit CA55 features the highest available rating for a freezer allowing you to freeze fresh food in this freezer as well as keeping food stored for up to a year. The top shelf is auto frost, which means that food put into it will freeze very quickly — good for things like ice or desserts that need to set quickly. The quick freeze function is very handy but you have to remember to turn it off — a timer would have been better. However, unlike most models it’s not Frost Free, so would require manual defrosting.

The Indesit CA55 isn’t particularly quiet, but then it’s not that noisy either. The whole thing is designed well — the doors slide in and out without catching and all seal well.