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Huawei Ascend G300 - Specification, Screen and OS

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis



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Huawei Ascend G300


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The Huawei Ascend G300 is built around a single core 1GHz processor and has 512MB of RAM. There's also 4GB of ROM, although only around 2.4GB of this is available for storing apps and your own data such as photos and videos. Nevertheless, it does have a microSD card slot that accepts cards of up to 32GB in size, so for a fairly modest additional outlay you can have quite a lot of storage space to hand.

Huawei Ascend G300

On the whole the phone performs pretty well. It's obviously not as speedy as today's high-end dual and quad-core phones, but apps load relatively quickly, scrolling is smooth and on most sites the browser feel reasonably nippy. That said, it does take a while to render more complicated websites and scrolling can become choppy on image-heavy sites.

Also, 3D games tend to tax its hardware to the limits and although standard definition video plays fine, it struggles with 720p HD video files. These issues were reflected in its benchmark results. In BrowserMark it posted a score of 66424, while in SunSpider it managed to reach 3270 - a fair bit behind the likes of the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus, but at the same time way ahead of the Orange San Francisco II.

The limits of the single-core processor showed though in the Linpack test where it posted a score of 9.57 miliseconds and in the GL Benchmark standard Egyptian test, which is a good indicator of 3D gaming performance, it only managed 20frames per second. Nevertheless, for a phone that costs £100, these results are still very impressive and put it at the head of the budget smartphone pack.

Huawei Ascend G300

Undoubtedly the best thing about the Huawei G300 is its screen. At 4in it's nice and large, but also has a decent resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, so text, graphics, videos and snaps still look very sharp and detailed. It produces vivid, yet natural colours, and while it could have a touch more brightness – especially when you're using it outdoors – it's still miles better than most of the screens we've seen on most budget Android phones.

On the operating system side, the G300 comes loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Huawei has added its own skin over the top, but the changes are relatively minor, which is no bad thing in our book. There are five homescreens by default, on to which you can add widgets and shortcuts.

There's also a customisable shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen. This has one immovable icon that takes you to the apps drawer, with the other three set to take you to the SMS, dialer and browser, although you can edit these last three to launch pretty much anything you choose.

Huawei has changed the lock screen too. It has a circle in the middle with four functions dotted around it for unlock, SMS, camera and call log. You drag the lock button to one of these icons to launch that function. It's a pretty neat and useful feature and similar to the lock screen on the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version of Android. Speaking of which, Huawei says that it will release an update to ICS for the phone later in the summer.

Huawei Ascend G300Huawei Ascend G300

Early versions of this phone had a bug in the firmware that caused the volume to stick at a very low level. However, Huawei has now fixed this and we didn’t experience any problems with it. It's not the best phone we've ever used in terms of call quality, as the earpiece could do with a tad more clarity, but it's far from the worst either and we don’t think most people will have a big problem with it.

The Huawei G300 relies on a removable 1,500mAh battery for its power and its battery life actually isn't bad. It'll easily last a day before needing a recharge, which is more than can be said for a lot of budget Android handsets.


The Huawei G300 is an easy phone to like. It has a smart and robust design, good battery life, a great screen and punches above its weight in the budget phone performance stake. In short, we think that at £100 on PAYG it represents a total bargain and is even better value for money than the likes of the Orange San Francisco II.

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August 14, 2012, 3:33 am

I am looking to upgrade from my Orange San Fran/Blade because it's pretty laggy.

I'm happy to spend up to £200 to get something faster than this but it must have at least an 800px vertical pixels.

Any recommendations?

Hans Gruber

August 15, 2012, 1:07 am

The Huawei Ascend G300 forum at Modaco appears to have a lot of user complaints about reliability: http://tinyurl.com/ccwwkqb so though the phone is nice on paper, I gave it a wide berth and chose the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S instead: http://tinyurl.com/dxxepg5 which can be upgraded to ICS (via PC/Mac). At around £190 from those ever so knowledgable & morally upstanding folk at Phones4U, it's not a bad deal I thought. Quite happy so far. A lot slicker than my HTC Legend or ZTE Blade.

Pros for the Arc S: proper good camera, ICS, decent enough processor (1.4GHz though only single core), 4.2 inch 854×480 display (brighter than the ZTE Grand X), very fast GPS, comes unlocked and is unbranded. Slim & lightweight.

Cons: the Arc S has limited space to install apps (hence an over reliance on installing them to the SD card), single core CPU (the ZTE Grand X has a Tegra 2), 512MB of RAM (enough but more would be nice), battery life could be better though it's probably par for the course. Just okay call quality. P4U only stock white. You'll need to pay for a top up too, £10 (inc in the £190 price).

The ZTE Grand X costs £250 (plus £10 top up I think) and many people felt cheated that the retail price had gone up by £60 from the original £190. Another phone to consider is the San Francisco II and another, the San Diego though you'll want to do your research on those two as they'll likely have a ton of Orange branding on them. I'd likely have gone for the Grand X if the price hadn't risen - it just felt like P4U were profiteering regardless of the reasons behind the price rise. Also, the phone is really not bad in the Arc S and it's a nice thing to have once again.

Mike from Hainault

August 17, 2012, 3:26 am

Just bought a Huawei Ascend G300 unlocked (not the Vodophone version which has some problems and expensive PAYG).... very impressed. Same day my wife bought a Samsung Ace 2, which cost £75 more. They are very similar in most respects. Excellent value for money in the mid-price smartphone. I'll be using a Giffgaff SIM which is also great value.


August 19, 2012, 6:04 pm

Astonishing Hans....

in a "review" of the Ascend G300, which is 311 words long, you manage 35 words pertaining to the Ascend, and that is being generous, as I have allowed everything up to "I gave it a wide berth"......

yeah, I actually checked the word count here http://www.wordcounttool.com/

the rest of your review is about a device which you apparently actually have!!!

Which is almost twice.....that's two times....as expensive as this fantastic budget phone from Huawei.

You link the Modaco Ascend G300 forum in support of your contention regarding the Ascend, citing "user complaints" ???

Which particular complaints are you referring to here, as it is difficult to judge or find many complaint threads..........

what with the Development Threads over there regarding JB ROM [CM 10], ICS [CM9] fully working custom ROM's and leaked Official ICS from Huawei, two overclocked kernel threads, Custom CWM recovery threads, Stock Huawei ROM threads, even GB custom ROM's......

I really think it is inappropriate for you to post a "review" of a device you have not experienced, and to then go on to compare it unfavourably with your own device, and other devices, which are not really in the same budget phone price bracket!!!

For your info, I got my Ascend G300 from Vodafone Ireland on-line, free delivery, for €110 [£87]....SIM unlocked from eBay for £6.....Rooted for free on Modaco, and now have a very smooth CM9 ICS running at 1220MHz, giving a very much enhanced user experience!!!

Hans Gruber

August 24, 2012, 5:39 am

Well Irishpancake, my 'review' as you put it was really just a quick comment to PoisonJam on my recent phone purchasing as 'he' asked of opinions for a phone at least '800px vertical pixels' and under £200. Since we were both looking at the same price bracket I thought I'd share my experience as I'd also considered the Huawei Ascend G300 and owned the ZTE Blade.

As I said, I didn't go for the G300 as I'd read quite a few negative posts about it in the Modaco forum. This really put me off. That you weren't put off by them is great. I'm pleased you got a good phone and it worked out well for you. Well done. Congratulations. Superb. I didn't want to take the chance and only went by the limited (yes, limited!) research I made since I didn't want to spend an eternity reading every little detail about the current crop of relatively budget smartphones out there right now. My reasoning is that it's not worth it to me, just as spending upwards of £300 on a more premium phone isn't as in a year or so, everything will have moved on in terms of spec and perceived value.

I didn't actually review the G300 by the way. I'm sorry about that (well, not really). I was just posting, as I said, in an effort to share my own experience with another poster, since he/she, had asked and my own experience seemed relevant and no one else had chimed in. Amazed you could be so hostile to what I'd have hoped was a simple courteous reply to a fellow TR user.

So, the G300 is a great phone I suppose. I would have gotten one for sure but was put off by my own reading THEN when I casually looked on another heavily populated forum (that I visit quite often and respect a lot), whereby 'I' happened to read a lot of criticism all on the same page and decided that (since I didn't want to read loads and loads about budget smartphones) that I might as well give it a wide berth and go the (perceivably) easier option THEN, and choose another phone. This was my experience. Don't take it too personally. It was 'my' choice based on my opinion at the time. So you modded your G300 with a custom rom. And you've overclocked it? Hope it works out for you then. Well done you.


September 16, 2012, 12:11 am

ICS B934 for the G300 can be downloaded here:


November 30, 2012, 7:43 pm

I totally agree with Hans. I bought this phone. It is a 1Ghz not 1.4Ghz. The battery life is totally unacceptable. Be ready to charge twice a day even with very light use. With a 30% battery it goes to flat (0%) in 2 hrs on standby without any use. Touch screen is very unresponsive compare with a Samsung. You have to press so many times. It is my regret . Don't buy this phone even if it is very cheap. You get what you pay for. Service is also non-existant. Avoid this phone at all cost.


December 2, 2012, 12:51 pm

I bought this phone 4 weeks ago and I regret it very much. Very very poor battery life , very insensitive touch screen. Phone was very hot after 5mins of talking and when charging. I sent it for service and they had no parts and told me to wait 3 weeks when I only had the phone for 2 weeks. I am still waiting .Not sure If I ever get my phone back.The service centre is just an agent and said Hua Wei didn't provide them parts. What a joke! By all means avoid this phone.


March 2, 2013, 10:07 am

U r all gay


December 3, 2013, 12:34 am

I have a Huawei ascend 300G. At £100 from Amazon a bargain. Very few phones in that price range are able to tether. The tethering is very powerful and wouldn't be without it. I watch rugby games on my computer while tethering with very good clear screen. I have installed a 32GB memory card which works very well. Enormous storage capacity for a mobile. I have found that the 32GD memory does sometimes cause a bit of instability which is easily corrected by removing the battery while switched on then booting up again. It has never been that bad that I would consider removing the memory. After playing around with it I do know it's the memory card (it's a cheapie micro SD card). :-D

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