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The HTC Desire C has an original iPhone matching 3.5in screen and a cute curvy design. What's more it runs Android 4.0 so is nippy and has all the latest software features. But it's a bit expensive for what it offers.

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June 21, 2012, 8:33 am

Why would you bother when you can still buy the Desire S with premium, solid aluminium build quality, better screen and faster processor for about the same price. You can find it online unlocked for between $250-$310 AU (£180.00-£200.00). I bought one recently as my first htc and I love it. TR loved in when reviewed in March 2011. IMO much better value to get a superseded top-of-the-line phone than a new budget phone of the same brand. Android 4 will be rolled out to Desire S soon.

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