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HTC Desire C - Phone Basics

By Edward Chester



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Calling and Contacts

Another area prone to corner cutting on budget models is call quality, and so it is here. The microphone isn't noise cancelling so doesn't deliver the best audio to the person you're calling while the earpiece is nothing special either.

Likewise, the loudspeaker is pretty weedy, just about sufficing for hands free calls in quiet environments. We had no issues with reception though.

HTC Desire C Contacts

As ever with HTC's Android phones, the contacts interface is excellent providing quick access to the dialler and a contacts list from one screen. Social network integration is also very good making it easy to get to not just basic information about friends and family but see their Facebook pictures or latest updates.


Text messaging is as simple as we've come to expect on a modern smartphone, as is the overall email experience. However, we do have a few niggles.

HTC has implemented its own onscreen keyboard rather than use the default Android one and while it has its plus points, certainly when it comes to word prediction and text editing, it's not the best we've used. But it's a simple procedure to download and install another one.

If you're a fast typer the slowness of the phone may cause you to make a few mistakes, whichever keyboard you use, but with a modicum of patience it keeps up pretty well.

As for email, as is common on a number of Android phones, you can't view the whole of html emails in a zoomed out view so you have to constantly scroll around, which is very annoying. Like with the web browser, it can be a little sluggish with large graphical emails too.


As mentioned, despite its slow processor this phone does surprisingly well with web browsing and is perfectly adequate for mobile sites. In fact, it also copes pretty well with full size web pages and can run Flash - it just gets a little sluggish, and we wouldn't recommend running too many tabs at once.

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June 21, 2012, 8:33 am

Why would you bother when you can still buy the Desire S with premium, solid aluminium build quality, better screen and faster processor for about the same price. You can find it online unlocked for between $250-$310 AU (£180.00-£200.00). I bought one recently as my first htc and I love it. TR loved in when reviewed in March 2011. IMO much better value to get a superseded top-of-the-line phone than a new budget phone of the same brand. Android 4 will be rolled out to Desire S soon.

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