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July 13, 2016, 1:21 pm

Product Name: HP Spectre 13-v013TU
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)
As summary of the below event - I would strongly encourage any customer to note any overheating concerns with regards to the Spectre

I had just received order of my new Spectre 13 with intel core i7 processor in HK. Upon turning on the laptop with the battery charged while running the HP / windows start-up programs, within a couple minutes, I started noticing the fan is running unusually loud. Subsequently, I notice the laptop between F2 and F7 keys begining to heat up both top and bottom while the metal casing also beginning to heat up and to the point that I left a visible burned redness on my leg which i used an ice pack to cool down.

I used a baby thermometer which showed a reading of 60 degree celcius. I then downloaded several software to measure the CPU and laptop temperature as per advice from my IT colleagues and the readings averaged between 59-81 degrees celcius while not running any applications in the background whatsoever. I took a picture of the reading as well as voice recording of the fan which I shared with HP which they have ignored as this are not HP softwares.

I have been in contact with HP aftersales support team for the last few days and aside from the fact that the team is based in Shanghai and the people could not comprehend or speak English to any standard - I was then transferred to a team manager. HP had collected my laptop and conducted testing on my laptop for over 24hrs as they explain to me and regretfully found no issues as per my description. They refused to exchange my laptop for a new one and would not refund as this is now my property. They reassure me that there is no issues with the laptop. However when I requested a guarantee that the same overheating will not reoccur - the HP staff becomes unsure and kept using words such as "at this moment" or "right now" that there's no issue however if the problem occurs "they'll guarantee to assist again" and "run further tests to isolate the issue" and if it is a "hardware" problem then they would look to replace the malfunctioning part.

My simplest comment to HP - thank you so much for treating your customers as such. We continue to see product recalls as per your own websites despite countless complaints and feedbacks prior to your generous decision. I have purchased an expensive and so called high-end product yet it is malfunctioning with clear bodily threat to my baby and myself. I have provided evidence to your team while your response is a simple - trust me. There is no formal format for which I can communicate with actual HP staff that actually cares about customer welfare. I thank you and I will look to take it forward to get a satisfying response.

Shahar Silbershatz

November 16, 2016, 10:05 am

Would discourage anyone from buying an HP spectre computer - this is a flawed product (defective wifi card) and they seem incapable of fixing it - had my computer taken away 3 times already for repair without fixing it, all within one year of buying it, and HP refuses to replace the computer with a new one or buy it back from me. Poor product, poor customer service and poor repair processes - thumbs down!

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