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HP Scanjet N6310
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Our Score:



  • Easy single or double-sided archival
  • Automatic image enhancement
  • Techie good looks


  • Slow to start scans
  • Dodgy extending hinges
  • Auto-prescan can be annoying

Key Features

  • Duplex scanning as standard
  • Built in transparency adapter
  • Easy to use controls
  • 2,400ppi top resolution
  • Thorough software bundle
  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Review Price: £447.00

The scanning requirements in a small office are often much wider than you think. As well as converting paper documents to electronic ones via Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you may want to scan single-sided or duplex, multi-page documents to PDFs, for archival and even scan the occasional transparency or negative. HP’s Scanjet N6310 can do all these things.

HP is trying hard to break the normal angular looks of IT devices and has covered the scanner in curves: curved edges, curved panel-joins, curves in the mouldings. By also mixing black and white freely through its design, it has produced a piece of kit with a definite character, even if that character’s a bit Space: 1999.

At the top, an angled 50-sheet feed tray for the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) has an extending end, for use when scanning pages longer than A4. Even though the scanner is fully duplex, HP has managed to integrate a feeder into the scanner without unduly increasing its height.

HP Scanjet N6310

Open the scanner's lid, which lifts to around 80 degrees, and you can see the transparency adapter, set into its underside. The adapter can take three transparencies or a strip of negatives. If you need to scan from a book or magazine, the lid hinges are spring-loaded, so its lid can remain horizontal when scanning. The hinge system is a bit temperamental, though, on titles over about a centimetre thick.

The control panel is nicely angled and includes a 16-character by 2-line LCD display. There's a red exclamation mark LED to indicate any problems and a green LED set into the power button at the extreme right-hand end. Other buttons are for scan and copy (with a suitably connected printer) and for menu navigation.

HP Scanjet N6310 - Controls

At the back of the scanner is a single USB socket - its only data connection - and a fairly chunky stub lead with a parallel printer-style plug runs from the printer to its lid, to power the transparency adapter.

There’s a good range of software supplied, including full copies of Nuance PaperPort 11 and IRIS Readiris 11 Pro, which provides OCR support. This is integrated with HP's own HP Scanning software, and the HP driver completes the suite.

The driver automatically preview scans at 200ppi when started. While this is convenient for simple archival, it can be annoying if scanning a batch of, say, transparencies, as you have to select a rescan for each one. In other ways, the driver is pretty well featured and it's easy to adjust cropping, colour and resolution, among other things.


September 28, 2015, 4:24 am

I have this scanner and it seems like it would work fine if the damn scanning software was worth a damn. First of all, if you want to scan directly into an application like acrobat and choose to show the native interface, the scanner always scans in color. Then in the interface where the scans show up there is no easy way to change it to greyscale or black and white without selecting every single damn page and changing the setting for each one. There is no way to select all the pages at once and change the setting. This is UNACCEPTABLE if the document is any large than maybe five pages and even then. WTF HP, I knew you became a crap company after so many years, but WTH. Don't your software programmers ever test anything or get feedback from trials?

If that weren't enough, if you try to solve the issue by hiding the native interface while scanning from adobe's dialogue the G*Damn scan won't work at all 50% of the time, especially if you have a document with more than 5 pages. When you do this, it will appear that the scan is sort of going ok, until the scanner gets done with the last page. Then it refuses to autosend the scans to the program and sits there. If you click on the adobe interface, you get a ping like as if there's a modal dialogue behind the adobe screen and you are at that point screwed. You have to kill the scan driver in task manager as well as acrobat. BTW, the other advantage of hiding HP's crappy interface is the only way to scan in greyscale or black and white as chosen in the acrobat dialogue. Additionally, the horrible HP interface setup dialogue gives no easy way to change between single sided and double sided prior to the scan. You have to set it up ahead of time!!!!

Overall these problems make the damn scanner next to useless. My old epson multipage scanner was vastly superior except it didn't do duplex.

BTW, HP's support is USELESS, they blame the adobe software and refuse to acknowledge their scanning software issues. They further refuse to return it and just direct me back to the place I got it.

I'm really, really pissed. I've spent 1000% more time than I should have to trying everything to get their crap to work.

I've even tried find third party interfaces without a hell of a lot of luck.

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