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HP Scanjet G3110 - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



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HP quotes a speed of 28s for a 15 x 10cm colour scan from the Scanjet G3110 and we saw 34s under test, which isn't too far from the claim. Other times weren’t so good, though, with a 200ppi black text page taking 21s, a 300ppi greyscale page with OCR taking 1:01, and a 35mm slide at 2,400ppi clocking in at 1:51. Compare these with the cheaper HP Scanjet G2710, which took 19s for the 200ppi A4 and 44s for the 300ppi with OCR.

The 200ppi black and white text scan is suitable for archival and very readable, but there are a good few OCR errors in the 300ppi greyscale page scan. From text being reproduced at the wrong size, to characters being mis-recognised or substituted by punctuation marks, you would need to play about with the contrast settings in the driver to get satisfactory OCR results.

HP Scanjet G3110 - Transparency Adapter

The 300ppi photo scan gave generally good colour, though it was a little over-vivid in foreground greens. The Q-60 target came through reasonably, with good gradations of colour across the palettes and well reproduced skin tones in the portrait image. The MTF target showed a blue tinge and resolution of the black and white gratings was similar to that from the cheaper scanner.

On the slide scan, colour, focus and relative illumination were all out and, although you wouldn’t expect to get the same quality as from more expensive devices, it looked little better than the result of the same test on the HP Scanjet G2710.

HP Scanjet G3110 - Controls

The quality of the scans was also marred by a number of specs on the underside of the scanner glass. Most scanners are built in semi clean-room surroundings, specifically so dust is excluded during assembly. While the specs may be isolated to this unit, if you get a scanner with this problem, there’s little you can do to fix it, other than get it replaced.


The HP Scanjet G3110 certainly looks the part, with its smooth curves and ice-white cover. It also looks good on the spec sheet, with a transparency adapter, single-button scan-to-PDF, scan-to-email and automatic dust removal. When you try it out, though, you realise plain paper scans are slow and scan quality is variable. If the driver glitch we hit is at all common, it needs to be resolved, soon.

Robin McHood

November 13, 2013, 3:32 am

Good scanner when you can get it to work. I had no problems installing to several different Win 7 Pro Dell PCs but failed totally on a brand new HP Elitebook 8470p and a brand new HP desktop!! You'd think HP installation software would at least work with HP equipment. In my case the installation appears to complete (though from past experience I could see it had not actually installed the additional software) correctly. But when you look for the scanner it either doesnt appear in the Devices and Printers list or if it does, it appears as an unrecognised device and then tries to find and install a device driver. This of course fails.

This isn't the first HP scanning device I've had similar problems with, the G2410 was just as bad and added to the problem by causing newer scanner type installations to fail unless you had removed every last file and registry entry before you did it.

Basically don't buy this scanner, or for my mind any HP scanner. Try a Canon, I've got several including some old Lide units which have installed faultlessly on Windows software starting at 2000 through Vista, XP various flavours and now Win 7

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