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HP Photosmart 6510 review



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HP Photosmart 6510
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Our Score:



  • Touchscreen controls
  • AirPrint and ePrint capabilities
  • Free print templates


  • Some error screen dead-ends
  • 80-sheet main paper tray
  • Awkward photo tray

Key Features

  • Twin paper trays
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good print speed
  • Duplex print as standard
  • Wireless and WPS support
  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Review Price: £100.00

HP’s Photosmart 6510 is a mid-range, home all-in-one, designed for those with an interest in photography, who probably also own smart phones. It includes some high-end features, such as touchscreen controls.

HP seems to have turned the corner away from high gloss, black plastic, in favour of brown and gunmetal colour schemes. We’re not sorry to see the piano black go, and this machine is well turned out and subtly styled. The designer has accentuated the scanner section and control panel, making them look almost removable (they aren't), which somehow makes the device look low-profile, too.

HP Photosmart 6510

One of the reasons for its low-to-the-desk look is the paltry 80-sheet main paper tray, which needs regular restocking in all but very infrequent-print environments. Above this tray is a 20-sheet photo tray, though oddly neither has an end-stop for its paper, which means you have to insert sheets carefully to get them under the feed rollers. The photo tray also slides freely in and out, making it more fiddly to load.

The main control panel contains an 89mm touchscreen, with three dedicated touch buttons down either edge. The panel is sensitive enough for easy control, while not being near as nice to the touch as a typical mobile. In use, we came across a couple of places where we received error message, with no way to cancel out of the screen, which is just poor design.

HP Photosmart 6510 - Controls

At the left-hand end of the HP Photosmart 6510’s front panel, a small cover flips back to reveal memory card sockets for SD and MemoryStick cards and at the right are pinhead LEDs for power and wireless connection. At the back is a USB socket, which is an alternative to the wireless link which will probably be the data stream of choice.

As well as using its easily established link to any wireless router, the printer can connect to Apple devices via AirPrint and others via HP’s Auto Wireless Connect. Software bundled with the machine includes Photo Creations and HP’s downloadable apps from the ePrint centre.

Hinge up the scanner section of the machine and the head carrier slides into view to take the four ink cartridges, which are available in standard and XL capacities.


May 31, 2016, 7:50 pm

My HP photosmart 6510 is a piece of garbage. Changed the black ink according to what the printer told me and now it only prints blank pages. Did all HP required fixes to on avail. Looked online and this seems to be a issue for HP printers. Will never buy a HP product again.

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