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HP Chromebook 14: Battery Life and Performance

Michael Sawh

By Michael Sawh



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HP Chromebook 14: Performance

The HP Chromebook 14 falls in line with the other second generation Chromebooks using an Haswell based Intel Celeron 2955U CPU clocked at 1.4GHz to give the streamlined operating system the power to keep things running smoothly. There’s 2GB of RAM to cover multitasking and 16GB of SSD storage for files backed up by 100GB of free Google Drive cloud storage over two years.

We can’t fault the boot-up times, something that Chromebooks excel at and it regularly checked in around 7-8 seconds. It's a largely slick experience when you jump into the desktop and it manages well under the pressure of multitasking or more appropriately, multitabbing.

Running two Google Chrome browser windows with four tabs open on each, it shows few ill effects of trying to stream Netflix, playing games, emailing, browsing and working on a Google doc all at the same time.

If we are being really picky, the faint humming of the fan can be heard when things get more demanding. It’s not something we’ve generally spotted with Chromebooks before. It’s not violently loud but enough that some will notice it.

Any issues with performance are balanced out with Google’s relatively clutter-free Chrome operating system. The browser-based OS is plain and simple to use with no desktop applications or shortcuts littering the screen. All applications are tucked away in the app launcher at the bottom left corner of the screen as usual. Staple Google apps like GMail and Google Docs are all present and HP bloatware is non-existent.

Unlike most Chromebooks that rely solely on Wi-Fi despite some improving offline app access, the Chromebook 14 has 3G support so you can take this one on the road. Users will get 250MB for free a month over two years and you can add extra data packages if you want. It costs £8.99 a month for an extra 750MB, £11.99 a month for 1.75GB, £13.99 for 3.75GB and £6.99 for 500MB.

250MB doesn’t sound like a lot and it’s not going to let you enjoy a Netflix binge session, but if you need to send an email or work on a document it’s actually very useful. When a Wi-Fi connection is not available it will begin to search for the 3G connection and takes less than a minute usually to connect. Getting the added 3G means you will have to buy the more expensive Chromebook 14 model, but when you consider that it’s still under £400 that’s still good value.

HP Chromebook 14: Battery Life

The previous HP Chromebook managed a mediocre 4.25 hours, so with the new Chromebook promising up to 9.5 hours thanks in part to its Haswell architecture we were hoping for much more. Applying the same test we’ve used with recent Chromebooks running Netflix continuously on loop with 50% brightness the Chromebook 14 manages an impressive nine hours.

Not as impressive as the 9.5 hours it claims but more than enough for a day. 50% brightness as we mentioned is not the best conditions for watching video so we tried it with full brightness and it managed closer to 6 hours. This is where the bigger screen and the need to crank up the brightness clearly plays its part in diminishing its stamina levels.

The good news is that after a half an hour charge from 1% battery life it was back up to 40%. In just under two hours it was back to full capacity so you won’t be waiting long to get back to work or play.

Dean Stockton

March 9, 2014, 3:15 pm

Never mind 3G the future is 4G this is just a stop gap to make people pay out more in the near future

Gary J

March 24, 2014, 11:40 am

I should hold on for 5G lol


May 14, 2014, 11:07 pm

I just got one of these today refurbished through Walmart for $275. Out of the box the touchpad doesn't work. Either I'm doing something wrong or it came to me broken. Refurbished products usually go through gruelling tests to ensure they work properly. Any help is appreciated.


May 18, 2014, 6:21 pm

I just got a NEW Google Chromebook through my Internet Service Provider earlier last week after my old Windows 7, HP Presario CQ62 finally crapped out on me after years of use. From the beginning the touch pad on this NEW Chromebook hasn't worked properly, making it necessary for me to use an external plug-in mouse just to left click so I can copy & paste links or save images. Also I can't scroll down pages without having to use my plug-in mouse or the up & down arrows on the keyboard as the touch pad doesn't work performing this function either.
My second beef is that I miss my Windows Paint & every alternative Google has to offer basically SUCKS! What use to only take me a few short minutes to accomplish using the Windows Paint feature on my old laptop has been made into an overly complicated pain in the ass with these other crappy apps.
Today's Sunday & so tomorrow during business hours I'll be calling my Internet Service Provider's billing department because for what they're charging me for this piece of crap, I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a piece of crap!


May 30, 2014, 9:56 pm

I got the Chromebook the other day and at first really enjoyed it. Amazing keyboard feels good to type but there came some issues for me at least. I think the Chromebook relies on the internet too much. I mean its great you get 3G but I don't want to spend money on another 3G plan. My phone is already enough. Also its not a Windows computer so it doesn't have Microsoft word on it. Just the stupider version of it. It might not be a big deal, at least I have a version of it right? That's what I thought but then reality sits in. I'm going to high school and your going to be required to TYPE a paper and with the Google Docs it doesn't capitalize words in the beginning of the sentence, after the period starting a new sentence or when you type your first word on the document also the most important one, it doesn't capitalize your I's it comes out as i and you cant change it when you put in the auto correct thing (Preferences) you cant change it, it just goes back the lowercase I. It might not seem bad but think about it. Writing a 7 page essay and being scored on spelling punctuation and capitalization having to capitalize every I, every word at the beginning of a paragraph, of a sentence ect. Its just too much and i'm not spending $499 on Microsoft word. It doesn't have a CD player so I cant watch movies on it or play games that have a CD like the Sims. Cant download Minecraft because they don't support the computer type. Basically cant do anything on it unless go on the internet or get apps that are just faster links to the internet. Also the touch pad thing is a little ehh for me. It works fine but I would like the 2 buttons on the end but its not that big of a deal. My last computer was like a 2006 Toshiba I think, I dont know the exact year we got it but It was well over 8 years ago and Im kind of deciding if i should return it and switch back to the Toshiba because it can do so much more than the Chromebook and its kind of disappointing. As a highschool student and gamer this isnt the laptop for me but I like the design and color of the Coral Pink and keyboard. Now all I'm worried about is that I've already opened it and took all the stickers off it oppss. Hope Wal-Mart is generous and not so picky about their return policy... Rating 2.8/5


July 5, 2014, 1:00 pm

As a college student in my 3rd year the HP Chromebook 14 is, hands down, the best device I have ever used for school. It does everything I need it to do, cheaper, faster, and, for the most part easier. Microsoft Word is over-rated and over-priced. Even on my Dell with Windows 7 I use Apache from Openoffice.org. A suite of free software applications that rival Word and are completely compatible. They're different in many respects, but it's a matter of what you get used to. I use Google Apps more now though because I use it on the Chromebook. I love that I can work on any computer and open my work on any other computer without having to email it to myself over and over depending on where I'm working.

I think you are confusing the Chromebook with a computer and if what you wanted and needed was a computer then you should definitely return the Chromebook (at this point I hope you already have). My Chromebook has zero issues and works exactly as it is supposed to. It's lighter weight than the Dell 8" tablet with keyboard and far more responsive. Not to mention I hated Windows 8. It is also lighter than the Dell Mini 10 I had and the Chromebook is full size.

For internet use, opening pdf files, researching and writing papers, and other basic task the HP Chromebook can't be beat for price, performance, and portability. If you want or need an actual computer or if you want to download software or are into heavy gaming then this is not the one for you.

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