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  1. Fire TV Stick

    Kodi on Fire TV Stick Install Guide: How to download Kodi the easy way

    There's a new method in town

  2. Intel Kaby Lake explained

    How to Overclock Your CPU: Intel and AMD steps for beginners

    The ultimate no-nonsense guide

  3. Best laptop

    Laptop Buying Guide: 10 tips to help you choose the right notebook

    Everything you need to know

  4. Pokemon

    Pokémon Go Tutorial: How to build a nearby Pokémon scanner in your smart home

    DIY your way to a full Pokédex

  5. Windows 10 on Mac

    How to run Windows on Mac: Boot Camp alternatives for seamless switching

    Get a Mac without limits

  6. HowToInstallAndroidN

    How to download Android 7.0 Nougat today

    Get it now!

  7. iPad Print

    How to print from your iPad – 3 easy solutions

    Your complete guide

  8. Android PC

    How to turn an Android smartphone into a PC

    It's easier than it sounds

  9. Ofcom

    How to complain to Ofcom about your broadband, mobile network and more

    Updated: Beyond bemoaning BT

  10. Pokemon Go no

    3 best Chrome browser extensions for blocking everything Pokemon GO

    Overkill alert

  11. Best SSD Group Test

    How to upgrade your laptop's hard disk to an SSD

    A solid upgrade

  12. Plex Shield

    How to build a full-fat 4K Plex streaming system for under £200

    Save money without sacrificing style

  13. VRPhone

    How to turn your smartphone into a VR headset

    Step into another world with your mobile

  14. No Windows 10

    How to dodge Microsoft's forced Windows 10 upgrade – and what to do if you've already been tricked

    Don't get mad, get even

  15. Daredevil

    How to find 4K HDR content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    It should really be easier

  16. YouTube downloader 2

    How to download YouTube videos to watch offline

    Handy tips for YouTube binging

  17. pay 5

    How to set up Android Pay in the UK

    Paying with your phone is super easy

  18. HowToVirus

    How to remove a virus or malware from a Windows PC

    Malware be gone!

  19. PieMessage

    PieMessage: How to use iMessage on your Android phone

    No longer pie in the sky

  20. HowToBackupWindows

    How to backup Windows 10

    A guide to keeping your data safe