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Hotpoint WMPF742



Hotpoint WMPF742


Key Features

  • 16 different wash programmes
  • A** energy efficiency rating
  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £379.00

Hotpoint WMPF742

The Hotpoint WMPF742 would be good for someone who likes things to be done just so, in a very particular way. This is because it has a huge number of ways to customise the wash before you put it on with 16 different wash programmes further adjustable thanks to a selection of spin and temperature settings for each option. Although offering large levels of customisation, this can make the WMPF742 quite confusing to use.

These wash programmes include the standard options you’d expect on any machine as well as a selection of nifty extra such as the Shirt Cycle or the Daily Wash 30°C. You can set the machine to a delicate hand wash cycle or to a half load cycle for when you only have a small amount of washing to do. Hotpoint’s machine even features an anti-allergy programme that will wash away traces of detergent and allergens to stop sensitive skin being irritated.

The quick wash only takes 30 minutes, which is about average, and it also has fast wash programmes. As well as this broad selection of options, the Hotpoint WMPF742 has spin cycle control and automatic consumption control to ensure it’s always working as well, and as efficiently as possible. With an energy efficiency rating of A** the WMPF742 is also good for the environment; it’s been awarded the Hotpoint EcoTech icon.

Endorsed by Woolmark, a Certification Trade Mark by the world’s leading authority on wool, the Hotpoint WMPF742 features a wool cycle that is extra gentle and features low spin speeds to remove friction and make sure that the wool item does not get damaged whilst being washed.

The 7kg drum will take a fairly large load of washing and the Hotpoint WMPF742 can reach a maximum spin speed of 1400 revolutions per minute — not blindingly fast, but it’s a good strong spin that will get the clothes as dry as possible before they come out of the machine. Even with this strong spin it’s fairly quiet, and the machine reduces creases to cut down on ironing time, too.