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Hotpoint WMAL641G



Hotpoint WMAL641G


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £285.00

Hotpoint WMAL641G

The Hotpoint WMAL641G is a mixed bag with each strong feature or function counteracted by one which falls below expectations. Whilst there are areas of the machine that are absolutely brilliant, there are others that, well, just aren’t up to par.

Let’s start with the bad. The stainless steel drum has only a 6kg capacity — considering you can get machines with drums that can hold up to 9kg nowadays, that’s not particularly big. Usually when you get a machine with a smaller drum it makes up for it with a really quick spin speed, so although the 1400 revolutions per minute of the Hotpoint WMAL641G is fairly speedy, you’d be expecting it to at least reach the high speeds of 1600 revolutions per minute that other machines can get.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the spin speeds that aren’t that quick with cycle times running quite incredibly long, with some of them taking almost three hours. Admittedly this wash length is part of the way this machine makes sure your clothes get really, really clean and although you can set it on an eco-cycle setting that almost halves the wash time, cycle times are still ridiculously long.

Look at the good, however, and the Hotpoint WMAL641G has a selection standout features with an A* energy efficiency rating ensuring you’ll be saving energy and therefore money. Although the standard cycles are long some of the quick washes are very quick indeed, such as the 60°C fast wash which takes a mere 60 minutes — quite speedy for such a temperature. It’s also incredibly quiet — practically silent during the wash cycle and even quiet during spin cycles.

The most impressive thing about the Hotpoint WMAL641G is its cycles. It has the usual cycles for delicates and the like, but its wool setting is endorsed by Woolmark for being kind to wool items. On top of this, the machine has a gentle baby wash to remove all traces of detergent that might irritate sensitive skin as well as an anti-allergy cycle that adds three extra rinse cycles to remove all traces of pet hair, pollen, detergent and dust mites. On each setting you can adjust temperature and spin speed to your liking.