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Hotpoint WDL520



Hotpoint WDL520


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • 1200 RPM spin speed
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £350.00

Hotpoint WDL520

A lot of manufactures are keeping form as well as function in their mind whilst making their appliances nowadays, but Hotpoint is taking this to a new level with the Hotpoint WDL520 lining up as a stunner of the washer, dryer combo market.

Aiding ease of use, the extra large porthole door opens wide to allow you to put washing in and take washing out of the 7kg drum with minimal fuss whilst the spacious innards ensure the WDL520 can cope with the demands of a small family. Whilst the 1200 revolutions per minute top spin speed isn’t particularly fast it’s not that bad either, with the Hotpoint WDL520 featuring a spin efficiency rating of B meaning it will get the washing fairly dry before it has to go into the dryer.

The washer in the Hotpoint WDL520 is very good and has been awarded the A rating standard for its cleaning power. It has a good range of wash cycles too (even though they are all quite long) and you can adjust the temperature and spin speed for each of the cycles. With a Daily Wash 30°C cycle that will handle your everyday washing needs, there is also a selection of special functions such as the silk programme for delicate items and the Woolmark endorsed wool programme.

Whilst the available half load function is a prime choice for smaller loads, Hotpoint WDL520 features automatic consumption control with the device weighing all washing prior to cleaning, making sure it uses the optimum amount of water and energy for the cycle. This contributes to the Hotpoint WDL520’s energy efficiency rating of B — not brilliant but certainly not bad.

The downside of the Hotpoint WDL520 is, as with most washer-dryers, the dryer. It’s just not very good. The dryer will crease clothes so badly it’s difficult to iron them out, it’s difficult to set and understand which makes it easy to ruin clothes and it takes ages — over four hours of drying can still yield wet clothes. It doesn’t dry, it just gets the clothes and itself really, really hot — which is possibly why several people have reported it catching fire.