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Hotpoint WDD960



Hotpoint WDD960


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • 1600 RPM spin speed
  • Set and Forget sensor drying
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £440.00

Hotpoint WDD960

It’s impossible to talk about the Hotpoint WDD960 without mentioning how nice it looks. The whole thing is modern and attractive, especially when compared to some of the bulkier models available on the market. It’s easy to see it slotting nicely into any modern, gadget-lover’s kitchen — and because it’s a combined washer and dryer you don’t have to worry about finding another appliance to look as good.

Featuring a 7kg stainless steel drum, which should allow you to fit a fairly good load of washing inside, the Hotpoint WDD960 is capable of easily coping with the demands placed on it by a family or a group of adults. Not limited to larger loads, if you’ve only got a small wash to do, the Hotpoint WDD960’s half-load function will ensure you do not waste energy or water whilst the unit’s A-grade washing performance ensures clothes come out nice and clean.

Every programme on the Hotpoint WDD960 can be made shorter using the fast wash option, a handy feature given the unit’s excessively long cycle times. On top of this, whilst there’s a standard 30°C wash to handle your day-to-day needs, a special silks programme features to make sure that no damage is caused to your delicate items. Even better, the integrated wool programme has been specifically endorsed by Woolmark as being kind to wool items. The maximum spin speed of the Hotpoint WDD960 is 1600 revolutions per minute, good for such a large drum, and an option that is variable across the programmes.

The dryer has Set and Forget sensor drying. This uses sensors to check the wetness and heat of the inside of the dryer. It can then tell how dry the clothes are and will stop drying when contents are at the correct level of dryness. As for what the correct level of dryness is, you set that at the start of the drying cycle. This means you don’t waste money drying clothes for longer than you need to. You can also set the dryer to reduce creases in your clothes so you don’t have to iron them.

Although the Hotpoint WDD960 is complicated and difficult to understand, once mastered its features should make your life a lot easier.