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Hotpoint UHS53X



Hotpoint UHS53X


Key Features

  • Fan assisted oven
  • Five programmable cooking functions
  • Dual ovens
  • Manufacturer: Hotpoint
  • Review Price: £353.00

Hotpoint UHS53X

The Hotpoint UHS53X is a stylish built-in double oven with plenty of functionality and a quick cooking time, to make light work of your meals.

The UHS53X is a fan-assisted electric oven, with two oven cavities. The main oven cavity is 51 litres, which is a little smaller than usual for this type of oven, but the top cavity is 32 litres which is slightly larger than usual, and doubles up as a grill. This means that two different foods can be cooked at once on different temperatures using the two cavities — this can be very handy, especially for larger meals or Sunday roasts. Despite the smaller main cavity, this oven would still be ideal for a large family household, as it is wide enough and deep enough to hold plenty of trays at once.

Cooking quickly and evenly with fan assisted heating, which is generally considered to be superior to conventional oven heating, the Hotpoint UHS53X is programmed with five cooking functions including a defrost function, all of which are easy to set up. The oven has a digital timer which is simple to programme, and can be viewed clearly on the LED display in the centre of the control panel. The dials are easy to turn, but unfortunately the markings around them are not that clear, which will take some getting used to.

The oven is fairly energy efficient with a B rating overall, keeping energy costs quite low, although most modern ovens are now ‘A’ rated, so this is slightly disappointing. The UHS53X is easy to clean, with enamel lined walls inside and a stainless steel exterior. It is fairly complicated to install, but once that is out of the way, this oven will surely provide you with an easier, faster cooking experience.